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 Personal Alchemy - the process of Transforming and Refining Oneself.

Michael King facilitatingAfter an intense investigation into life, the universe and everything, I have drawn my own conclusions. I teach from my own experience in the fields of alchemy, philosophy, metaphysics and ethics. Below is a brief summary of my understanding as present sensed. Living out of this understanding allows you to live in harmony with the way the universe orders itself, and by doing so you live in harmony with the forces of evolution itself. I call this way of living 'Source Attunement'.

If you look forward to some spiritual goal such as ascension or heaven as some kind of static goal which you are working towards, while you loathe or avoid your present life and the world, then you miss the whole point of the personal/spiritual growth process. Equally if you make your life all about the short term gratification of the lower five senses then you are wasting your life. The reality is that you cant take anything you achieve on the physical, emotional or mental level forward on your journey through eternity so living for the human existence alone is a wasted life. Anyone who is using more than one hemisphere of their brain does not buy into this nonsense about only having one life...... energy is neither created or destroyed, it just changes form.... you know that one? We know that all energy is evolving all the time and that alone tells us that a static goal like heaven is impossible. So, by it's very nature any holistic philosophy necessitates that you understand at least reincarnation or even better parallel existence and the grand one-ness which underlies all of creation. If you are still enslaved by believing in a vengeful god, hell, heaven and the like then you are in the wrong place.

The ideal of a healthy attitude to life is to live in love and wisdom right here and now, in a balanced sustainable way beyond any time point in the future. A balanced life which produces authentic personal/spiritual growth as a soul journeying through eternity is all about fully living and loving Earth life in healthy sustainability. There will inevitably of course be periods in ones life when we will abstain from certain aspects of life as part of developing self mastery however there is no long term progress is denying and avoiding Earth life.

Most people make one of the following two major mistakes in their attitude to life:

1.    Life is long suffered as you work towards ingratiating oneself with the creator. Be prepared for some kind of finite judgment and suffer to be holy. This kind of deferred life plan is very common in people who have had a religious upbringing. They postpone real life and work like crazy now for a reward later. They even postpone love which is sad because love is the whole point of human existence.


2.    Now is all we’ve got. Do whatever you want to do because tomorrow we may die. These people are the hedonists of the world and for them it is all about pleasure. They fail to see the true pleasure which comes from deep long term relationships and commitment on all levels. They have a hole inside them they try to fill with instant gratification.

Both of the above attitudes will cause you to fail to experience life fully. At the end of every life, only one thing is measured as the basis for determining your next destination in your journey within eternity and that is 'how much of our life was turned into love'.

A wise life is a disciplined one of self mastery which involves you fully living and loving your life in a way that you can sustain all the way into your old age, but at the same time, you’d have no regrets on any level if tonight you find out that this was your last day and you suddenly knew that your eternal wellbeing depended on the choices you have made in your life. This is the razor edged path that the great teachers have all spoken about.

Simply put, this path is about learning how to take all of life in, on every level and how to turn all that energy into love which is then radiated out into the world as wisdom and compassion.

Live now! …….. Hmmmmm, easier said than done you say. Well of course it is, that is where we come in at the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre. We teach you how to live this way.

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animal urgesOur mentoring process is all about personal integrity and the literal definition of personal integrity is having an integrated body, mind and spirit. You will learn to identify as spirit in human form rather than being a body with a soul. This is an important distinction. This process spiritualises the human being on all levels to cause you to become spiritually aware in human form. You will learn how to take all of life in and only create loving outcomes. The real choice in life is between love and fear..... Do you take life in and turn it into fear? Or do you take life in a turn it into love? You will learn how to have your eternal spirit reality fully present here and now, in the drivers seat with the animal/human instincts and urges subordinate to the eternal being that you truly are. This takes time, dedication and commitment. It is a lifestyle, a way you live your life and it changes your life in ways unimaginable until you actually embrace the transformation. You will learn to fully live your life in a way that all of your life is affirming and creating outcomes on unconditional love, wisdom and compassion. What would love do next? becomes your motivation.... the spirit of 'let us' rather 'I will' prevailing to create a future of love, equal opportunity and grace for generations who follow us.




Some of the technical stuff.........

The dynamics of Source Attunement.

Creative source is the wellspring from which all life originates. All expressions of life regardless of their form and purpose originate from this source and remain linked to all other expressions of life through this common source of origin. The being mode of expression is designed to allow individual aspects of Creative Source to simultaneously explore a multitude of frequency spectrums within creation. The sum of these simultaneously experienced frequency bands constitute the realm within which that being exists in that moment. Our experience as beings here is that of inhabiting biological creatures however this is but one of infinite possibilities for beingness. Through this process of creature inhabitation we experience a process of discovery towards a new understanding and perspective as an individual Creative Source in our own right. The goal is to become fully aware not only of the present realm of inhabitation but also fully aware and able to partake of the potential which exists within all possible universal life expressions.

Being a conscious and aware Individual Aspect of Creative Source is the fullest possible expression of the being experience within the time-space universes, and it most closely approximates Creative Source's potential capabilities within time as space. This is the state of existence which ones evolve into once the being has transformed beyond the evolutionary dependent understanding of existence and has thus removed itself from the limitations of the Evolutionary Hierarchies through the complete activation of its own integral Creative Source Codes. This is the level of expression which was coded within the life expression when it was initially conceived by the Creative Source of All That IS. All beings within the time-space universes are in various stages of this transformational experience and each are destined to achieve the actualisation of their Source Potential as their Source Codes become fully activated.

The transformational experience is initiated by fully accepting that the Individual Aspect of Creative Source within the life expression is capable of direct access to Source Intelligence via its own internal link to Creative Source. For humans that translates that the human vehicle, complete with its biological, emotional, mental and soul mechanisms, is not the repository of the beings Source Codes. Nor is the human entity alone able to acquire, grasp or know the reality of access to All That Is. It is the indwelling being rather than the human vehicle that is the knower of, and instrument of access to, the Source Coding activation that permits the transformational experience to manifest through the integration of the human instrument and the Individual Aspect of Creative Source Within.

The transformational experience involves the realisation and subsequent demonstration of complete acceptance of the universal truth that one's perceived reality is Source Reality personified in the form of individual preferences. So the initial goal is for one's own individual reality to become one with ones Source Reality. Source Reality and one's own perceived reality must become as inseparable as the ocean and its currents.  The mechanism involved to accomplish this union of individual and source realities is:

·       to love the truth unconditionally

·       to end denial and avoidance

·       to release the endless questioning and seek only to realise and accept the truth

·       to integrate ‘all you know’ with ‘all that is’.

There have been many within Earths history that have experienced this transformation to some degree or another. Indeed there have been many schools and movements come and go designed to encourage this transformation. In these moments the real understanding of this transformational process has been all but lost. Mere fragments of the authentic process remain. This transformational process been referred to as ascension, illumination, enlightenment, nirvana, and cosmic consciousness to name but a few. While these experiences are profound by normal human standards, they are only the beginnings of the true actualisation of the Individual Aspect of Creative Source Within, as that source increases its own awareness and then seeks to reawaken the remote edges of its form existences. What many term ultimate bliss or complete God Realisation is merely the beginnings of Creative Source consciously reuniting with its Individualised Aspects of itself, gently nudging them to look within to explore the nature or their existence and so truly unite with this formless and limitless source intelligence that pervades all that is.

cosmosisThe transformational experience is completely beyond the comprehension of the human entity. Although the human entity may dimly sense the transformational experience which lays ahead it may not be experienced through the human instrument alone. It is only accessed and experienced through the wholeness of the merger of the human expression and the indwelling individual aspect of creative source which animates it, for it is only in such wholeness that Source Knowing may exist. This wholeness is only obtained when the individual human consciousness masters 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness and is this able to perceive its existence as timeless oneness.

The paradox is that the human entity indeed plays a critical role in facilitating the transformational experience by causing it to trigger into metamorphosis. This next phase for the ascending consciousness of the human being is activated when one deliberately designs its reality from universal principles that are symbolic of Creative Source Reality, as opposed to the self-imposed limitation of the belief in separateness. This is the ‘fake it till you make it’ stage of self actualisation and must involve an ending of the activities of denial and avoidance and the full immersion into the culture of love rather than fear..

These universal principles mirror the original Creative Source templates of creation and so open the aspiring human being to potential possibilities which were always available yet denied by ones own choices. They are designed to create reality from the perspective of the Individual Aspect of Creative Source Within and thus hasten the descension of source intelligence into the human fields of vibration that had previously repelled it through the dissonance created by the investment in misconception, glamour and illusion. These universal principles both construct and orchestrate opportunities for the integration of the human form and its indwelling source aspect through the application of the Universal Law of Attraction. This is the co-creator phase and leads to the ascending human spirit being able to experience the source reality of is-ness (the phenomenal transcension of judgment).

As the human being becomes increasingly responsive to Source Intelligence it will further gravitate to ever greater conformance with universal principles that symbolically express the increasing creative source knowing. There are wide ranges of expressions that can induce the transformational ascending/descension experience and so liberate the being from time-space limitation as well as external dependence and control. Although the expression of these universal principles may vary, the intent of the expression is quite narrowly defined as the selfless intent to expand into a state of integration whereby the human being becomes increasingly aligned with the increasingly aware indwelling creative source. One is wise to model ones life along similar principles that have produced the transformation within those who have transformed in previous moments.
These are three fundamental life principles that accelerate the transformational experience and help to align the human being with the indwelling source. If this resonates with you then follow your heart and get involved with the Cosmosis mentoring Centre at http://mysteryschool.org.au


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