The seven stages of actualisation of the human spirit in form

The Seven Phases of Human Actualisation

Much has been writen through the ages on the process of growth and development of human beings. Within the COSMOSIS™ Process for the sake of clarity and consistency we have the following understanding of the scope and potential of the human development experience which underpins the entire COSMOSIS™ Transformational Process. This understanding aligns with the new parameters of the ascension process which have recently been implemented. With the acceleration of the planetary vibration in general it has become easier to raise ones own vibration without such a strength and clarity of mind and heart that was previously necessary. This is especially true for those who have served as teachers in past lives and therefore know are few tricks around spiritual activation. This has resulted in a higher than previously known level of fear based consciousness in many of the worlds spiritual leaders, teachers and authors and is why we now find ourselves living in the long prophesised age of false profits.. This is merely an observation rather than a judgment. Of course these individuals do have a certain responsibility which comes from holding oneself up to be emulated so the reality is that such ones 'should ideally' be a free of fear based consciousness as humanly/spiritually possible. 

Generally speaking, provided there are no binding limitations karmically, everyone undergoes the first three phases of human development to some degree although very few human individuals truly reach their fully potential of physical, emotional and mental development.

Each of these initial three stages last approximately seven years each up to age 21.


  • Stage One - physical development and adaptation. This involves learning to live as a separate unit of human consciousness detached from the mother (or mother substitute). One must learn to be completely self sufficient physically to complete this stage. In the first 7 years of life the physical body essentially grows into a miniature version of the fully grown human however the process of weaning oneself from being other dependent and oriented continues normally way beyond age seven. One must learn to move the body effectively to both transport oneself in space and also to manipulate material tools for a host of tasks from feeding to writing. To wholly complete this phase one must overcome the feeling of separation and disconnection from the safety of the infants support of family and choose to become self nourishing and supporting. Most however learn how to manipulate others instead to replace their infant support with selfish fearful co-dependent relationships throughout life which keep them trapped in fearful self contraction and the enactment of control dramas.
  • Stage Two - emotional development and adaptation. The phase is really about socialisation and civilising and usually commences around age 7 or 8. One becomes aware and interested in the sphere of emotional interaction and we enter a phase of being preoccupied with relating and responding on the emotional level. This leads to awareness as a sexual being also. To achieve the wholeness of emotional maturity one must learn to nourish oneself emotionally and that whilst it is foolish to provoke unnecessary emotional reactions in the final analysis other peoples emotional reactions are none of our business. Instead most people spend a lifetime caught up in cycles of emotional manipulation such as the guilt-blame-forgiveness dynamic. Many also develop the tendency to act out to manipulate others to make them feel loved and patterns of punishing those who do not make them feel ‘good’ emotionally. Children are very sensitive to energetic interactions during this phase and often become very confused because the words, actions and projections of their significant others are so often conflicting and hypocritical. Lack of emotional wholeness is characterised by dramas od rejection and rejecting.
  • Stage Three - mental development and adaptation. Beginning normally in the mid teens this phase involves learning to direct the will upon the mental plane so as to shape ones own universe of perceptions. Ones learns to use mental projections of though thought forms as well as speech to manipulate their world. Ideally one learns to access the world of ideas and concepts. The successful completion of this phase leads to being even tempered, intelligent, discerning, independent, respectful, caring, tolerant and loving person. If this phase is stunted then the resulting adult life is one of acting out to satisfy a feeling of emptiness within. The emptiness is caused by feelings of rejection, being unlovable. This in turn leads to dramas around dysfunctional relationships.

During the first 3 stages of development everything is sensed to be caused by phenomena within the material world. Those focused wholly within these three stages as known as be ‘at effect’ as they have not yet realised that the three lower worlds of experience are but effects of higher causes.

  • Stage Four - Soul awakening - this is begun by the initial undeniable awareness of oneself as a soul journeying though eternity and marks the beginning of the souls desire to understand its place within the evolutionary process. It is characterised by the desire towards selfless service to others and the loss of the need to feel fulfilled solely through the pursuit of bodily and intellectual pleasures. One must be truly devoted to their own growth yet devoted so as to serve the evolutionary plan. Orthodox religiosity has only ever produced a handful of individuals who have ever progressed past this phase into genuine authentic divine source reality. Successfully completing this phase leaves one in the knowing of being but a spot within the macrocosm through which energy is focussed. One still identifies with being the point of focus yet is beginning to know that one is also the energy being focused through that point.
  • Stage Five - Spiritualisation of the 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental and soul vehicles). Successfully completing this phase leaves one completely devoid of any feelings of separateness. Rather one knows and feels the human spirit clothed in matter to be undeniably in all moments but a small aspect of the much larger beingness which is source to the point of feeling united with that source in every sense. Effectively one is now completely identified with simultaneously being both a point within the macrocosm though which energy is focused and indeed that energy also. No separation between the two states of being is known.
  • Stage Six - Source awakening - the soul clothed in matter becomes aware of its animating spirit and truly identifies with being one with the spirit of all life. One is now simultaneously the point of focus, the energy being focussed and the source of that energy. This is the true awakening to supporting an ascended consciousness and its successful completion also means freedom from the process of ongoing incarnation. This phase requires complete integration of body, mind and spirit in a balanced way.
  • Stage Seven - the descent of source reality into the Earth plane. The complete merger of the human soul and its source reality. Consciousness, form, source and All that IS become one in a symphony of pure awareness. This is divine illumination.

The seventh phase may further be sub divided into many stages and has only ever been actualised completely by a handful of master souls (contrary to so many popular claims).

  1. Stepping into true Spiritual Leadership & World Service to effect a bestowal
  2. Spiritual Merger, the point where one completes the Planetary process and officially begins the systematic investigation of their cosmic origins.
  3. Full and Complete Spiritual/DNA Activation
  4. Becoming a full, equal member on a Realisation level and operationally with the unseen formless intelligences guiding the evolution of our beloved Earth
  5. Anchoring and activating the universal lightbodies
  6. Anchoring and activating the available cosmic lightbodies
  7. Remaining here in service embodying the Holy Spirit and/or the Mahatma energy
  8. Complete physical ascension and immortality

Only a few individual souls achieve actualisaion beyond stage 5 the seventh phase in any generation and their proficiency varies greatly. I hope this clearly shows you that all these people out there claiming to be God Realised are self deluded individuals who are legends in their own minds. Its time to switch on and grow up. This is the age of false prophets and so many of you have been gullible enough to beleive all this nonsense fed to you by self styled gurus and con artists. You certainly do not find God realised beings with addictions, or harems, or attachments or fear of any kind.

God Realisation is all about actualisation of the love nature and that does not necessarily go hand in hand with the enlightenment process. God realised beings are absolutely amazing to experience. We make no claims about being Gods second cousin, we simply choose to pass on what we know and hope that our efforts bring you closer to the realisation of the God within you.

Bloody hell – seems there is a bit more to know and become than the free lunchers have told you when they awarded you with your certificate as an ascended (or is is ass-ended?) master after your $10000 and 2 weekend workshops……Forgive my humour my friends… lets just get real and get on with the job of healing the planet together instead of basking in the glory of unintegrated glamour and ignorance.

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Michael King is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Insight Foundation