Dream stealing

Here we go again with another excuse for the new paradigm Polyanna types to email me with cries on dismay at my judgmental commentary. 'It all just is' they say, so how dare you suggest that high standards of ethics should be in force on the spiritual path. Sadly such ones conveniently misintrepret the doctrine of non judgment, compassion and tolerance to roll over and ignore the behaviours which may if allowed to continue prevent our Beloved Earth from meeting her agreed evolutionary goals and levels.

Within 'all that is' is all possibility yet there always and all ways remains the ideal to be aspired too. Those who endeavour to personify the ideal of human divinity must learn to recognise that those uses of ones energy which are mutually exclusive to that ideal are not wrong or right but remain simply undesirable within the context of the actualisation of the human spirit.

On now to learning to be wary of dream stealers.

There is a kind of person that does not respect the dreams of others, they covet the dreams of others and the lives they have created and are creating. These dream hijackers are too selfish and lazy to build a dream of their own so they dance from dream to dream almost like a bee from flower to flower and in so doing have a great old time shattering the dreams and happiness of others. It sickens me and I am sorry if this has happened to you.

At the Insight Foundation we remain committed to raise the standards here so that the dreams of others are respected rather than used are a playground for selfish unintegrated people. I see this so often...... people live and love together and in so doing they create an ideal of a possible future with each other that is both wonderful and scary. Then just before the dream manifests a dream predator comes along and forcibly hijacks that dream for themselves. The outcome of growth overall will be the same however the life expererience is really different after such an experience. It is simply not OK to briefly slot yourself into someones dreams and in so doing screw up their whole future. This of course is the path of darkness and those who follow such a way at the very best are a nasty shade of grey. Some are downright malevolent in their intentions, others are just foolish weak individuals with an exhagerated sense of entitlement.

Unfortunately this kind of behaviour is rampant amonst the new age community with many spiritual teachers preying on their students in this way. It is so easy to just hop in and out of peoples dreams and desires when you are able to sense patterns but to me that is simply abuse. The true healer is the teacher and the true teacher commits to engendering long term change and empowerment rather than just 'living off' their students. It is a sad comment on the state of human consciousness here on Earth that so many supposed wayshowevers are so unintegrated that they cannot see how crossing boundaries and interfering in the lives of those whom look up to them is abuse. The true teacher will never take advantage of anyone in a weak moment for their own gratification but rather will honour the highest purpose of that person. So often new age teachers take advantage of students
sexually and for financial gain and potentially trash that persons dreams. These teachers who blow into others lives and jump into roles that have been created for their learning's with no intention of any long term commitment are just parasites. Those on a path of accelerated growth will often create moments that are pivotal, a moment that was birthed by years of loves and aspirations to live a greater love, a moment that the teacher must cultivate, nurture and protect...... in patience and with hearts courageously willing these dreams will come true. It is unfair of another to come along and take advantage of the now's created by the blood sweat and tears of others and when those who claim to be teachers and wayshowers do it then it is the height of abuse on so many levels.

So be wary of the dream stealers. They so often come along with the illusion of a free lunch, a 'too good to be true' veneer of temporal relief from the work of living an authentic life yet all they bring really is a lasting awareness of opportunity so close yet now lost forever. The other side of the coin of course is that you are a willing participant in the dream stealers plot and you must learn to live with those choices, for many on the path this is the single most important and difficult learning of a life.... the great lesson of discernment.

To the prey of the dream stealers make peace with your choices and learn to overcome the weaknesses that allowed you to be lured into the dream shattering scenario of the dream stelers trap. At least the universe always cathes up with those who violate free will and thankfully the future nows of the dream stealers will see them reap as they have sown. What goes around comes around so treat others as you would be loved in your highest dreams of love.

And to the dream stealers out there..... know that your time of abusing, lying, cheating and disempowering is almost over. The universe is watching you and an immune system response is building to restore harmony and balance within our beloved sphere.

The new paridigm of equality and harmony is just over the horizon but contrary to the ideas of the Pollyanna types out there we are going to have to fight for it. The fight is in our own lives and our own hearts, to live the ideal of love as one right here, right now. That which perpetuates the fears of humanity will reflect upon itself and be dissipated into ether for the minds and hearts of men and women of goodwill everywhere are ready and willing for change. And as we participate and witness humanities new birth let us smile and enjoy the birth pangs.

©The Insight Foundation
Michael King is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Insight Foundation www.theinsightfoundation.org.au