Working with karma rather than being a victim to it

The glamour of being the centre of the universe
I get a lot of emails from people who are very much absorbed in themselves and their own dramas. They have not mastered the very basic fundamentals like non-judgment; they still think, speak and act in terms of ‘right and wrong’ and ‘good and bad’, yet they have mostly made their missions about themselves, they fail to remain focused upon unconditional service. ‘I’ is the ego! So many go on and on about ‘I’, yet in truth ’I’ (the separate self) has nothing to offer here. ‘I’ has nothing to do with unity consciousness and it certainly has nothing to do with mastery or the ascension process. I am not judging these people, I am simply pointing out the ‘I’ – the separate self has nothing to do with integrated mastery nor ascension.

The glamour of self importance!
Part of spiritual maturity is about ‘realising that it is not all about me’. The spirit of mastery is the spirit of service and the hallmark of a master is to say ‘let us work together in service to all that is’ rather than ‘I will’. So many people make all these outrageous claims of important missions, famous past lives, being incarnate aspects of some great Ascended Master, the new world teacher or the only true ‘this or that’. No truly enlightened being would ever make such a claim as they are too busy serving to concern themselves with self-aggrandisement or the recognition of egos. The sad thing is that most of these people making all the grand claims have little mastery exhibited on the ground; their lives are often a shambles so far as relationships and blending their ‘important mission’ with earning a living.

The glamour of channelling
From my observations, most channels here are untrained and unclear. Any material channeled is only as clear as the channel it comes through: if the channel is full of fear, self worth issues, judgment and such, then so will be the channeling. The practicality of the channelling, so far as how it helps you to live a life here on Earth in, of and for love in service to all that is, depends upon how together the channel is on the ground. This is because the channel has the task of bringing forth the ‘truth’ from the source in a way that is applicable in the context of the present moment. When you read anything that has been channeled you need to learn to recognise the difference between channeling which is pure, free from fear and judgment, and channeling that is contaminated. Towards that end I ask you to consider the following message bearing in mind that I make no claims of being completely clear (no one is).

I have spoken extensively in the  ‘Sonic Alchemy CD Series’ about the importance of working on reprogramming the Akashic records: the imprinted plan, outline and detailed account of all that can, does and will happen to and for a being living an earthly life. These records may be likened to the ocean: moving, flowing, vibrating, changing and composed of billions of particles. In the ocean there are many, many possibilities as well as many forms of life; the individual drops of water combine and make a whole liquid mass. More can be added, some is subtracted and yet there is constancy. The Akashic record is like this in many ways except that, unlike the ocean,  it is not contained in any place. It is a level of vibration which attunes to the level of vibration of thought. Before any action there is some form of thought. And what produces thought? Thought is an emanation from the God source linked to the Akashic record, which is linked to the universal consciousness. When there is thought, all possibilities of how to live a life are available. The person chooses a particular action from a thought but many other actions could be chosen instead.

The Akashic record itself is dynamic, changing as if it were particles in a constant state of change and movement. Raising the consciousness of hu-man and creating tension in beliefs and values can place a new imprinting on the record that makes those aspects more accessible to thoughts. This too is a continuing process and this is why there has always been the need for ideas, concepts that are spiritually challenging, for unless this occurs little or no progress can be made. Imprinted on the Akashic record, therefore, are all possibilities; but a particular culture or any group in society can draw and select certain actions that are closely related. When this happens it creates the ‘group consciousness’ of those in each of those congregations. And so, if we take a particular group of people, their level of spirituality accesses particular aspects of the Akashic record. The individual selections are closely aligned to that of the group, and so you have a unique culture within that group. Throughout history and in all instances of contact between these different groups, a process of assimilation of ideas emerges through individual members of different groups who become attuned to other groups in the Akasha. The new group then filters that newly accessed level of the Akasha through their own lenses of perception, and so acts out the same potentials in a different way.

During and after the recent age of exploration, the extensive and rapid contact between different groups and cultures has created an even more dynamic Akashic record, for rapid change draws, and as you might say ‘stirs the pot’ of the record itself. We see that such a process of akashic access explains much of our history because all is already there, but the access and the tendency for various group access has created differences between groups of individuals. Can you also see that the possibilities of ‘history’ are limitless and therefore  looking back at the history of any culture does not necessarily provide lessons for now and the future. So often it is said that societies learn from past mistakes, however we would say societies can only do so by tuning through the individual, the group consciousness and the spirit to the Akashic records in the now. The past is fascinating, it tells much about the people of the time and is important to know, but it does not teach the here and now. This concept will no doubt create tension in many, but that too is in the Akashic records.

The Akashic records are linked to the universal consciousness and are easily accessed through the spirit. I have spoken extensively of the importance of the re-awakening of the spirit in hu-man and also of the new imprinting that can be placed in the Akashic records by awakening the spirit. If you can believe that the spirit of hu-man is eternal then the living of countless lives must occur. The Akashic record is constantly changing, it is constantly moving, as the molecules of matter constantly move. And so the access of thoughts that create actions are drawn from different levels of the record itself. If you look at your concept of evil and your concept of goodness, it is easy to understand that all things can be accessed from the Akashic records, for in it is every thought and action you term evil as well as everything you term good. What is difficult to understand is that all or both of these can be accessed. If the thought of a particular individual continually vibrates at the one similar level and rate, then similar aspects are selected from these records to be played out in the drama of day to day living.

By way of example, if you look to those who continuously abuse others and the young, then you can see that the thoughts that access the Akashic record are so alike that they lead to actions that continue over time from generation to generation from learned imprinting. And so the repetition of “crimes” that you see in some can be explained in this way: They simply have not yet learnt how to access other aspects and possibilities from the Akashic records. It is only partly correct to say that a person learns from their mistakes, what it also covers is that they have learnt or are able to transfer the thought and thereby vibrate this thought energy to a different level from before and therefore access a different aspect of the Akashic record. So we would say that when you work with and assist those who are continually stuck in a particular pattern, the best help is to re-awaken their spirit, in other words, show the person how to find who they are and the God within; they can then vibrate and draw thoughts from beyond the one aspect of the Akashic level.

In your minds you are perhaps asking “But what of karma?” Yes, there are aspects of karma and your own karma is imprinted on the Akashic records, but remember that there is choice and if the re-living of a karmic experience takes place it is possible that the lesson is learnt from the first experience and does not need many repetitions. To take this further; if an individual was able to access, from the Akasha, the karmic debts that they bring to a life then they could learn the lessons by using thought and by transferring the thought so that an alternate action takes place. In other words, if you were aware, simply knowing would be enough so long as different actions were chosen. Within this sharing lies the alchemical keys to new knowing, the keys to real and demonstrated Co-Creator status within the Human Actualisaion Process.

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