Transcending Reality Models

All exists in balance within the totality of All That Is yet that does not mean that the plan and purpose for our beloved Earth are being fulfilled. Cancer may exist within the balance of all that is a human life yet that cancer, which is 'perfect', may prevent that identity from achieving the agreed goals and levels laid down prior to incarnation. In truth, all occurs within the oneness of the eternal now, yet within the humanness of our learning here we experience separated streams of consciousness with apparently sequential events, an illusion for another perspective, yet a valid reality within another.

All reality models are simply that, models! In truth, we must move beyond the ego’s rationalising, the endless questioning, and seek to simply realise the truth. Our chosen learning in this now is to assist the many to bridge from the limited knowing of the third and forth dimensional flows into oneness and is-ness, wherein all is one and simply is. To effect this transition,, we use bridging models for you guys as individual aspects of GOD, to assist you to clear misconceptions and align with the truth that is the GOD within. Feelings are the eyes of the heart, we feel and know unity and love evenly and flowingly through all moments, yet we share many models of reality to stretch you beyond their limited-lens seeing. All are valid, all are flawed, yet in that moment, for that identity, all is perfect and in balance. As fast as you embrace a model it becomes redundant, which is also in balance and 'perfect'. The redundant model was not 'wrong', nor was it 'right', it simply is and was perfect and in balance in that moment.

Balance in itself is of duality and as such a 5th dimensional construct. Within the 6th dimensional flows all simply IS. Then we go on to the co-creator levels, which the human spirit knows more as "home", yet such expanded concepts may only be embraced as an intellectual necessity in those who still know fear in a real way. So all is perfect and in balance, yet there is always a better way and that is also perfect and in 'balance'. We walk before we run! If you still experience fear, if you do not totally love and enjoy Earth life then you still have a very healthy ego my friend!
In our age filled with wondrous gadgets and glamorous distractions, we find it good to reflect upon the fact that the actual meaning of the word spirit is "to love."

So often we have heard that GOD is LOVE, so it follows then that to realise GOD as a human being we must learn how to love, fully present, in each and every moment. Easy to say, but in the modern world this will be the hardest thing you will ever do my friends. Why is this being 'in, of and for love' in each and every moment so difficult? The answer is indeed simple, and is answered beautifully in the words 'GOD equals human minus ego'. The ego, or perhaps to be more accurate, the fear-based ego, is something that we all create by giving in to fear.

There is really but one choice in life, the choice between LOVE and fear! Every encounter, every situation in your life is a challenge that is an opportunity to choose love rather than fear, and so move forward on the path of spiritual and personal growth. Most people do not realise that there are four distinct levels to personal growth: the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level and the spiritual level. To achieve true God-realisation, all four levels be equally balanced and mastered!

The other thing you have to realise is that enlightenment and GOD-realisation are two different things. Enlightenment is about building a light body, or in other words, activating and energising the subtle bodies we call the aura. This is easy to do! But it has nothing to do with acquiring wisdom, or being love in each and every moment. In order to bring that true 'upstairs' light into the real world, you have to clear out all fear from yourself as a human being, on all levels, otherwise all that light will become contaminated with fear in your expression as a human being.

Real mastery is about being your own "source" on every level of your being!

©The Insight Foundation
Michael King is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Insight Foundation