Overcoming Evolutionary Inertia and risk management for the personal growth process

In a free will system such as this we need to overcome evolutionary inertia in order to effect change. This drive moves us ahead and pushes through previously held limits in individual and mass consciousness, which have been in effect for ages. To make this phase transition to a new style of functioning and to attain new levels of spiritualisation, extremely high standards of psychological clarity (the degree we can function without fear, delusion, denial, attachment) and God purity are now required. God purity or the demonstration of unconditional love, rather than becoming more en-lightened, now drives the initiation process and phase shifts. As we develop and integrate God purity and psychological clarity into our daily behaviour we progress, as these are now the criteria for progress in the ascension process.

However, for this to be successful the physical bodies must adapt to the new style of functioning. This process has not been adequately managed so far, and we cannot make these quantum shifts into a new paradigm of consciousness and spirit communion without new risk management procedures.

Evolution normally occurs slowly so change can be integrated fully. These days rapid evolution is occurring. Our higher bodies ( Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic and Logoic) can adapt to the new flows more easily and assimilate oneness and is-ness. Our lower bodies, due to their density, struggle with this assimilation and experience the relative inertia of limitation and resistance to change.

In physics terminology, the lower bodies are more particulate and the higher bodies are more wave-like. All bodies are made of matter and matter either behaves like particles of energy or waves of energy.  For example, above soul level (the soul is located in the 4th sub level of the mental plane), it is predominantly wave-like.  Below soul level, i.e. the lower mental, emotional, and physical bodies, the structures are denser and more particulate; they simply cannot change as rapidly. We can imagine how easily a coordinated ocean of waves can pull a cross-directional wave into synch. In a mass of energy behaving as discrete particles, changes are made by deconstruction and reconstruction. Highly energized reactions or phase shifts occur under specific and focused environments: by fission, fusion or ionic addition or removal, by adding or removing protons, neutrons etc. This is very different to the relative simplicity and ease of waves of energy accepting and adapting to alterations in their pitch, amplitude, frequency and direction.

As initiates reach higher initiations, they integrate higher frequency bands of energy through their chakras and bodies. Initiations are like tipping points and beyond a certain point when we take an initiation; we require our bodies to change to incorporate these frequencies. Up until now, when someone took the 4th or 6th initiation, milestones in the personal growth or ascension process, it was very rare that their lower bodies could adapt sufficiently.  The particles did not have the flexibility to change quickly enough for the incoming high frequencies. What has been happening is the critical organs associated with the chakras that are upgrading could not change rapidly enough; and so on taking these higher initiations people have manifested a disease or even died. Sadly, the mystery schools and organisations guiding these students, disciples, seekers or initiates did not have the knowledge to educate them to adequately prepare and lighten their vital organs of density to facilitate the transition. This is why we have seen so many high level initiates, those advanced on the path, with major health conditions, diseases of the heart and nervous system like brain tumors and cancers.

When we take higher initiations our critical organs cannot be the last organs to integrate change or it is likely these vital or associated organs will stress, malfunction, fail or develop disease. By setting up appropriate, on-going clearing and refinement frequencies, such as the universally transformational energy in the violet band of frequencies [known as the violet flame] through the chakras, transformation and transmutation occurs in the associated organs.

In the ascension process, radical modification has to be made down to the molecular level and this is a significant task. Groups and individuals working towards personal growth or ascension, particularly in this time of rapid growth, would be wise to incorporate strategies to ensure they are adequately prepared. Such an integrated approach to growth is what many individuals and groups have, through simple ignorance, over-looked or mismanaged.

Before any individual arrives at a phase shift point, it is possible to have predominantly cleared any remaining density that could cause major resistance and problems in the vital organs. With the daily application of simple, advanced care and clearing procedures,  initiates reaching a phase transition point experience the main density and particulate matter holding them back is located, say, in the bones and less vital areas of the body, not in critical organs and systems. Aches in the bones and headaches are uncomfortable, but not deadly and will continue to be transformed.

With insight, guidance and certain processing disciplines incorporated by individuals and groups, and with monitoring and management by others who have been through such a process who are a “few steps ahead”, the smooth transition into a new style of functioning can be supported and the risks managed. Evolutionary inertia can be overcome and new, wondrous dimensions embraced.

©The Insight Foundation
Michael King is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Insight Foundation www.theinsightfoundation.org.au