The Relationship between all that is and all we know. Unleashing our potential!

Our heads love to hear theories and turn them into beliefs, but unless knowledge is practical it is worthless. Our mental bodies love to work things out. We love to have all the answers. Good to remember that we can either be right all the time or self-actualise the human spirit. You can't do both, they are mutually exclusive activities.

The truth is that real personal growth and spiritual evolution comes from the experience of the DOING of the processes and techniques. Giving information and ideas doesn’t add much to personal growth and, if we only take in more knowledge without applying it, it can actually do more harm than good. But, that being said most of us love to hear and read knowledge, and to keep the mental body engaged we supply you with a certain amount of knowledge.

The ALL that IS is immutable! There is the ALL that IS then there is everything that we know! Everything that we know is structured energy forms, which may have no-thing to do with the truth that is ALL that IS. The All that IS is unstructured. It has no form.

The focus of the Path of Self Mastery is our personal growth, evolution and empowerment. Using the structure of all we know we are able to increase our awareness of who and what we are. As human beings we have both All that IS aspects and All we Know aspects. Our All that IS aspects are unlimited. Our All we Know aspects are the measure of our potential. When we are fully aware of both we have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. That is not to say that we can magically transcend the limits of the physical world like how high we can jump. But we can free ourselves of limitation, self imposed or otherwise, of consciousness and awareness of all that is.

Spirit needs structure to manifest in physicality. The human aspects that we know provide that structure. However, for the All that IS to fully manifest through the human being we must be clean & clear of fear and so become healed and strong.

What is the human being? The human being consists of four bodies, the spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. Each body has its own particular function. The spiritual bodies function is to reflect the truth divine unlimited potential. The mental body’s function is to think and visualise. On a deeper level its purpose is to structure our reality. The emotional body’s function is to interact with the world on a feeling level. The physical body’s function is to act and experience.

Self Mastery involves become increasingly aware of each body and its function. In western society the mental body is held supreme and we often use the mental body to suppress the other bodies. This is a form of dysfunction. Sometimes we attempt to use a particular body for a function that does not belong to it. For example, many try to "feel" with their mental body. This is not the function of the mental body. It is the function of the emotional body. So, a woman asks a man how he FEELS about something, he may answer by saying, "I don’t know let me THINK about it." This is cross functioning.

Our awareness must be able to move freely through our human aspects. Many attempt to only place their awareness on their Spiritual aspects. This is also dysfunction. First, until we clean, clear and heal our Human aspects, we are not able to perceive the spiritual realities clearly. We risk moving into fantasy. Second we will not have enough personal power to manifest the Unlimited potential of Spirit fully in our lives. This is why some people of the New Age have a tendency to be ineffectual in their lives. They can get into nice realms of energy, but their daily lives are shambles. And third, when we run high energy of the Spiritual Bodies into the lower human bodies it shakes loose our unresolved emotional issues, stored emotional charges and inner wounding. If we haven’t done the healing work necessary first, the high energy of the Light Bodies can cause overwhelm, we can lose our grip on reality as our inner and outer worlds collapse into one another. This can be a very painful and prolonged experience.
This isn’t said to invoke fear, rather to impress the importance of 'crawling' before you try to 'walk'.

As the light of awareness begins to move deeper into self, it is common for repressed emotional wounding to come to the surface. Just know that this is part of the process. What we don’t want to do is to attempt to suppress what comes up. It is better to process what comes up bit by bit than attempt to push it back down into our subconscious. If we continue to avoid, deny and suppress any part of self, then when we run high frequencies of the spiritual realms then eventually the dam will break and cause a lot of unnecessary pain and overwhelm.

The good news is that once you have cleared and healed, your life begins to change dramatically. You clear the way for the unlimited potential of spirit to manifest in your life. Inner guidance, knowingness and "seeing" begin to show up more frequently. You are able to move your awareness freely into energetic realms. As we work to clean, clear and strengthen our human personality, through healing our wounds, and throw out our belief systems and preconceptions that make up our misconceptions in what we know, then we come into our full potential. As we raise our frequency up to connect to the unlimited spiritual potential, we are able to bring it through the human being and we then have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.


Have you ever wanted to know the reason for being here, the purpose of your lifetime? We come to know our purpose through our personal task and life mission.
We all have a personal task and a life mission. We come into this life with one or two core issues. Our family and society, primarily our parents, instill the wounding surrounding the personal task. By the time we are 6 or 7 years old it is set and we spend the rest of our lives working it out.

This sounds a bit gloomy, but it's not really. In the beginning it can be painful but as we work through it our wounds and weaknesses transform into our greatest strengths. Our personal task involves healing the inner wounding inflicted by the process of incarnation and growth to maturity. It involves clearing out all of our misconceptions and reversing the self imposed limitations we choose for ourselves by indulging the ego and giving into fear.

For a few a life mission may be highly visible, such as a famous author or a rock star. But for most of us our life mission is not so dramatic, but none-the-less just as important.

The mistake often made is that we go for our life mission and avoid our personal task. Our personal task must, to at least some degree, be fulfilled before we embark on our life mission. If we skip over our personal task our life mission becomes distorted and does not bring the fulfillment it is meant to. For example perhaps our life mission is to be a famous musician to spread love through the medium of music. However our personal task is to heal our self worth issues caused by wounding due to lack of love and acceptance by our parents. If we do not heal and fulfill our personal tasks and try to jump to our life mission, our music may not carry the message of love, but instead be highly negative. We may only be interested in the fame of being a rock star and try to heal our wounding through the fame. It never works. We must begin with our personal task.

Fulfilling our personal task and life mission gives deep fulfillment and happiness. We feel connected and truly begin to live "our purpose." The Cosmosis training works on actualising both the personal life task and the life mission. Give it a try....... welcome home.

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Michael King is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Insight Foundation