What is Integration?

Macquarie definition of integrate – (a) to bring together (parts) into a whole, (b) to make up or complete as a whole, as parts do, (c) to show the total amount or value of.

This definition makes sense to me as we go about the process of ‘bringing ourselves together’, becoming more whole (or realising that we always were whole and letting go of the thoughts and behaviours that we have used to protect ourselves from such knowing) and acknowledging our worth and value as aspects of God incarnate.

The way we ‘bring ourselves together’ is to BE who we truly are here and now. It can be challenging to discern truth from illusion when we have become attached and accustomed to our self protective patterns and behaviours. We created these behaviours to keep ourselves safe or to keep the truth from ourselves, to justify playing small so as to not offend or upset others. Along with the acceptance of truth there comes responsibility and it seems we can be afraid of this.

On one hand our Spirit, our Essence, is encouraging us to shed any outgrown layers and to align with wholeness. Yet any residual fear can work just as hard to convince us to stay safe behind the ‘clothing’ we choose to wear. To integrate the parts, let us simply bring them into the Heart – acknowledge each just as it is and make a new choice by releasing any judgment that has kept us in a sense of separation. If we feel genuine gratitude for this opportunity and make a new choice now, harmony and a sense of oneness will be the result.

It is just like when we feel we have outgrown certain clothes in our wardrobe or that we can no longer resonate with the expression of ourselves we have carried so far. In both cases, we can truthfully and honestly look at what we have gathered along the way, see what really is useful or practical and let go of everything else. This space makes way for the new we are becoming. We can accept and enjoy the sense of freedom and creativity that is part of this process of integration.
This process in and of itself can bring up feelings and emotions. Memories may surface about a special shirt or element of self, where they came from or an event when we wore them. There may be a natural sense of loss, in accepting some things are no longer part of our chosen new. Simply by acknowledging that all these feelings are valid and by making new choices, we are empowered.

Our outer clothes can be reflective of our inner changes and growth. When certain aspects or behaviours of self that we have outgrown are let go, we become more of who we truly are. When we let go of that which is no longer us, we can BE more of the truth which simply is.

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Michael King is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Insight Foundation www.theinsightfoundation.org.au