Teaching, Humility & New Paradigm Nonsense

Spiritual teachers need to stand in their own light and stop the practice of just passing on other peoples material. The true teacher is the healer and that healing occurs when ones are exposed to and nurtured by the teachers unique integrated understanding of wholeness and oneness. The true teacher is a living revelation of that which they share with others, a living example of that truth of knowing in action.

I feel that the ideal would be for all teachers to work from their own knowing if of course they are indeed ready to surrender to the oneness required to access such knowing. If people really resonate with the knowing as it comes through the Cosmosis Academy then they are best to engage with us here and so learn how to operate from the same sources that we have received this knowing from. Putting together a collage of bits and pieces from teachers here and there is OK if you want to just provide tasters for people and then direct them to the local source of that knowing for further training but if all you are doing is passing on second hand information and techniques then you are doing them a dis-service. A true teacher will not just give people a taste of higher consciousness but commit to them for the long term to nurture them into being that higher consciousness in their own right. Too many teachers are just creating co-dependency with students by letting them bask in higher energies in infrequent workshops without committing to the ordeal of encouraging and coaching them to become one with source in their own right. You will not achieve enlightenment with no fundamental change in behaviour. Genuine enlightenment comes from progressively more accurately emulating and living a revelation from within which comes from correctly aligning, attuning and focusing ones energy. Whilst we are certainly moving into a new paradigm there will ever be a time honoured process of becoming the living revelation of source consciousness. So many people erroneously believe that the new paradigm will involve permissiveness.... IT ALL JUST IS they say which they use to justify living in denial, avoidance and dysfunction. Just because you stop judging and polarising does not mean that certain behaviours, thoughts, emotions etc are not mutually exclusive to living the revelation of the Mother/Father (Source/Universal Consciousness). You cannot be a Master unless you are completely the master of self in, of and for love in service to all that IS. Discernment, compassion and oneness are the ways of the new paradigm and most people in the New Age movement certainly act as though they have little true living revelation of these qualities of humanity's ideal expression and so perhaps could refrain from proclaiming themselves to be gods second cousin until they do.
You have to decide if you are just going to function as a point of contact and do some basic training with ones then pass them onto someone who is actually living as the oneness necessary to be their own source on the planet
truly get serious about becoming your own source on and to the planet. There is only one way to do this and that is to submit to long term training from someone who is already in that state. That mentor does not necessarily have to be in a body. One needs to be very discerning however as there are literally only a few handfuls of such souls living here who are living that revelation in clarity and purity.
As many others are operating now you they are simply passing on information and techniques which is fine of course so long as you are clear about that with people. Remember that people will associate you are the source even if you are only the 'passer on' of the information unless you are really clear with them about what you are doing.
If you are truly ready to be a teacher in your own right then you will be able to access this information yourself in each moment and sharing it. No preparation is necessary, the knowing is simply available to be accessed. You dont need to read books and piece together bits of second-hand information if you are truly living in oneness with creative source and universal consciousness as it resides within your conscious awareness. So to be clear, further on from just passing on others information there is simply accessing the knowing and being a channel for its expression and then further on again there is fully embodying the Mother/Father and being able to speak with the authority that comes from being ones own source on the planet and to the planet. Such a one would at the very least exhibit my abilities and often much greater than I.
So if you are just piecing bit and pieces from other channels then you must accept your role is a networking point to give beginners a taste then pass them on. If you are able to access the universal consciousness and bring forth a unique understanding for people then certainly teach but make sure you make it clear that you are just a channel - take people as far as your own understanding and oneness permits then pass them on to someone who is further integrated into oneness than you are.
Its about humility and oneness. Co-creating in measure with your level of realisation and allowing the natural order of love to restore the balance.
I hope this helps. Even after saying this I fully anticipate reading most of what I have shared here on other websites in future moments with other ones claiming to be the source.
What a funny and wondrous little planet we live on.

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