Michael Kings - amateur musician

Michael King - Amateur Musician

 My wife Segolene and I have an amateur duo. We enjoy our music. We have only been learning our instruments since 2008.
I have a passion for Pink Floyd.
I began learning the guitar seriously at age 46 (I knew three chords for about 15 years before that)
and graduated from singing in the shower at 47... bloody hard at my age but I do love a challenge.....

We have played a few gigs around the place but we do it just for fun.

We have a selection of classic songs here in these videos from the 1970's, 80's and 90's.

Our repertoire however  is very diverse and we also have lots of earlier and later songs,. We have an acoustic set and also do some standards.

Below are a few performances. We have no illusions of greatness, we just have a lot of fun with it.

Rhiannon, Solid Rock, Come as you are, Black magic woman




Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd cover





The Scientist, Should I stay or should I go, All summer long, Come as you are



Rock set - Heartbeat, To her door, I shot the sheriff, Dont pay the ferryman, Wonderful Tonight, Black magic woman, In the fields



Cocaine cover - Eric Clapton



ACDC cover - Long way to the top if you want to rock'n'roll





I was only 19, Is this love?, Losin' my religion, Zombie





Beds are burning - Midnight Oil cover



Brain Damage and Eclipse - Pink Floyd cover




Michael playing solo - Time and Comfortably Numb





Mad World cover





Dont pay the ferryman - Chris de Burgh cover





Wish you were here - Pink Floyd cover




My solo Pink Floyd set



Our first ever live nerve wracking performance - September 2009


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