An alchemical understanding of the importance of adaptability.


One of the most important spiritual qualities to develop is adaptability, because we live in a world of egos. Egos create new universes of illusionary reality from moment to moment, based on whims, fears and phobias. People let us down all the time, they say they are going to do things and they don’t follow through. We have to be adaptable; we can’t try to control them. We have to adapt to the shifting sands.

The integration of adaptability means learning to embrace one-pointedness without stubbornness. To be so focused on achieving something, but not like a bull with its head down, just charging and pushing anything out of the way. A master of energy will create a set of conditions which magnetically draws forth into the moment that which is the desired possible future.

Choices which are made in this moment and previous moments create a set of possible futures. Once a possible future, which is desired, is sensed as a real possibility, you don’t grasp it and try and drag it. You don’t lasso the future. That’s called urgency. Urgency takes you out of the moment because its fear based and fear repels. All of the activity occurs in this present reality.

Now to be able to work with that, one must of course own that we’ve created everything that we are currently experiencing.

One cannot truly become what we call a co-creator if you selectively accept that you have created some of your reality but choose to believe that you are a victim in other regards. At best, you will be able to draw forth fragments of your desired reality. That which is attempting to be drawn forth into this particular reality must be in alignment with planetary purpose, plan and your own incarnation blue print.

If you become stubborn you will never be happy. Even if what you successfully manifest in this moment is a hundred times better then what you originally wanted to do, you will not be happy because it wasn’t what, “I originally wanted to do.” So, it’s very important to learn one-pointedness without stubbornness.

Stubbornness and tenacity are not the same. Tenacity is seeing the journey towards the manifestation of your goal as simply a series of obstacles to be met and mastered through which you grow. Tenacity brings with it gratitude to the obstacles. The obstacles along the way refine you so you are more adept at expressing your mastery.

Another way of looking at this is to be flexible whilst retaining appropriate boundaries and accomplishing the progress necessary to achieve goals within appropriate time frames. It’s the key to success in relationships and business. You also have to be really devoted to achieving something, to get through the tough times and to take the good with the bad. Moving ever closer to the goal, even if it means walking around an obstacle and temporarily going apparently away from the goal. You must also hold the ideal of that goal manifesting. But you can be idealistic and be a total space cadet and be totally unrealistic. So, it’s no good being totally idealistic and a perfectionist to a fault, because ultimately you’ll never meet your own standards. You’ll just spend so much time trying to get the details right that you never actually accomplish anything. Idealism in balance is very important.

Imagine a musician who has just finished musician school and knows every scale known to man and can play every instrument, but has never played in an orchestra. A brilliant musician perhaps, but are they truly a brilliant musician? There are many who don’t know all the scales, but are much better musicians because they’ve just spent 40 years playing in an orchestra. So maybe they’re not technically as brilliant but they perhaps are a more accomplished musician.

You can have the qualities of keenness of intellect, attention to detail, devotion, idealism, love of truth, tenacity, willingness to endure, but if you miss out the desire to accept truth then you’re not going to have adaptability - one-pointedness without stubbornness; you’re going to have something else.  Adaptability, like a recipe, needs many ingredients to come together to create something much grander then the sum of the individual parts. When you get the exact mix of ingredients right it becomes stable and difficult to knock off centre.

Mental illumination is another ingredient of adaptability, it gives one the ability to foresee consequences. To see an obstacle before it’s actually here and then to take steps to eliminate or move around that obstacle. Tenacity and a willingness to endure produce perseverance. You have to be organised, which is not about being busy, being busy.

I used to work for an organisation that had a thousand people on site and some had been there for twenty-five or thirty years and no one knew what they did. But they were busy all the time and they were indispensable, but no one knew what they did. When the redundancy started, we let go all these people that we didn’t know what they did and productivity actually improved.

Being organised is about time management, mastery of time and being able to manage time. The more you think that you have not got enough time, the less time you’re going to have. The more you just know that you have enough time to accomplish things you will actually stretch things out so that you can accomplish things. Clear mindedness is being very organised, having a lot going on as far as streams of consciousness that you’re processing without being cluttered and taking things to completion.

Learning to embrace one-pointedness without stubbornness means being flexible whilst retaining appropriate boundaries and accomplishing the progress necessary to achieve goals within appropriate time frames. This requires keenness of intellect, attention to detail, the desire to accept truth, devotion, idealism, love of truth, tenacity, endurance, mental illumination, perseverance, organisation, clear mindedness and taking things to completion.

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Michael King is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Insight Foundation