2012 .... New beginnings in terms of the evolutionary growth the human spirit.


In the midst of so much old paradigm nonsense out there about 2012 I feel to quickly jot down a little understanding from perhaps a different perspective of higher hope and wisdom.

As any evolving entity moves through lifetimes, whether it is a human or a planet there is always the beginning of the new life itself, the physical birth.  But overlaying that there are the new beginnings that do not correspond with the beginnings of the new physical life.  In other words, you could have a new beginning at a given age of say 60 or 40 in a particular life and this beginning could herald growth over more than just the next lifetime.  Imagine, if you will, a line that reaches to infinity in each direction.  Imagine marks on the line that correspond to the years of a life.  Imagine over that are phases of cycles that leap across more than one life, from a mark in one life, to a mark in another life. I have no interest in appealing to anyone who still believes that you only have one life, if you have not yet worked out that nonsense then there is little I can do to help you my friend. It is a matter of historical fact that the Christian Council of Nicea, 1400 years ago banned the teaching of reincarnation that Christ taught in an attempt to scare people into leading better lives. Up until then many simply did not care because they would live for this moment and worry about the consequences in another life..... in much the same way most new age people do now.... anyway... got off topic there a little......

Can you see how there are regular physical cycles of a life yet overlaying a number of those lives are larger cycles of the spirit and soul.  This is why some people, become aware of spirit at a different age.  Some are aware before and from birth, some are not away until a given age, say 30 earthly years and some are never aware in a particular life.  This is because the overlaying levels of cycles have not corresponded with a particular life.  The new beginning is like a spiritual birth that occurs.  You can often see it with those you know.  It is almost as if a spark ignites their consciousness and they suddenly awaken to a new 'seriousness' of experiences and growth. It is notable to say that if you truly lead a spiritual life wherein you subordinate the animal and egoic consciousness to the direction of spirit life after life then you will be born awake....... another rare occurance in these times of egoic indulgence yet it does happen. You must however subordinate the lower will out of love, not fear to transfer from life to life in full spiritual awareness.

In some people the beginning makes a dramatic change in the way they live, in others it is a subtle change in the way they live and in yet others it is something that nobody but they themselves would be aware.  And so, what happens?  The spirit, which contains the soul and uses the soul as it's bridge between the seen and unseen modes of expression in the universe, vibrates at a different level and so the entity with all its levels and energies is actually renewed.  In some the newness may seem at a lower level and this is perfect for them, for we must remember that each entity lives through all the experiences that it needs for its learning and journey towards bliss. If a new cycle heralds a return to a lower level on the evolutionary spiral that simply means that the lessons from that prior level were not sufficiently held to be integrated as a permanent new understanding and knowing. It is possible for a whole planet to slide back on the evolutionary spiral just as it is possible for an individual entity to do so.

When there is a new moon the energy levels on our planet also vibrate differently.  In some, this alone, can trigger a new beginning and so it is always important at the time of the new moon to open yourself to the changing energies.  This is not to say that it cannot happen at other times for it can and does.  But, strangely, it does not often happen at the full moon for the energies there are powerful and if anything can trigger minor regression.  And so it is not by accident that through time the full moon is the period when disturbed psyches create tension and conflict. I will add that in my experience you cannot regress to a lower evolutionary level if that means crossing into a previous kingdom in nature. As an individual consciousness evolves it utilises progressively more complex vehicles to manifest its journey. In other words, initially when minerals and elements become sentient (aware of and able to respond to their surroundings) they progressively express in increasingly complex minerals until they express as gemstones... then they progress into the plant kingdom, then on in to the animal kingdom, then into the human kingdom and so on. That is how evolution works. Once all the lessons of the human kingdom are integrated and mastered then you to will move into the next kingdom of nature and that will only leave you 345 more higher kingdoms to evolve through within this little creation to get  back to source. But that is not the end, not even the beginning of the end... but it is the end of the beginning in evolutionary terms. Some humans who are actually ready to graduate into the next kingdom of nature choose to stay in the human kingdom on compassionate grounds so as to help others to complete their human learnings and graduate too. Such ones are rare and they certainly never stand on a soapbox proclaiming how great they are....... those ones are called false prophets.

Q.Are these new beginnings a matter of choice or are they planned? you may be thinking....
There is always choice but there is also a type of plan that the spirit needs as it journeys onwards and upwards.  Things can change and do change in many ways and there must always be such dynamic opportunities and stages.  It is like a plan that has many, many roads and pathways leading in all directions and in all dimensions but gradually still moving forward.  Whatever the path you choose will therefore reach towards the desination, however the path to reach it is chosen and discovered as you go along.

I will finish with a comment.  When you view your world and when you view your lives it is often easy to notice that in some lives there are great changes to the world.  It is almost like the new beginning I mentioned before.  By this I mean our world too has phases of new beginnings.  There are times when the planet is dense and its matter is heavy, there are other times when the planet and its matter are lighter.  At such times it is almost like a reformation, a time when those that reside here and the natural  worlds re-attune to the land.  Our world is at the start of a new beginning, the dawning of the industrial age plunged the world into dense levels and gradually the world began to turn upon itself and humans turned upon the world to the extent that it reached a stage in your 1970’s and 80’s that was almost a point of no return.  Fortunately, with the dawning of this new evolutionary age, with the new beginning and global return of so many to genuine spirituality and away from the superstitions of the past, with the awareness raising and the joining of consciousness the world has been saved.  As this has begun and as we are at the stage of the new beginning and the world and its peoples will be able to draw to it the wisdom and the divinity of the ancients, those beings and spirits that are awakening at this time and over the next two decades, have the opportunity to restore the world to the way it was in the time of the very, very early Pharaohs.  This could be a wonderful age of unity and wisdom yet now with the added awareness of technology along with the opening of the wonderful untapped talents of the mind. There are of course also a lot of weirdos out there trying to jump on the bandwagon so please be discerning...... I know that most new agers have no idea what discernment is but if I were were you I would learn it quick smart.

Hmmmm, did I say before I was going to finish??????

It is already certain that the planet as a whole will progress to the next higher turn on the evolutionary spiral. It is however not certain if all of the 70,000,000,000 (only 10% are incarnate) souls in this lifewave will move up with it. With more than 10,000,000 inhabited worlds in this sector of the universe alone there are plenty of other places to incarnate for those souls who insist upon clinging to a reality of fear, separation and an intense competitive struggle for existance. So the great judgment day that all the zealots out there are praying for is nothing more than ones choosing fear taking the left gate to another world where fear still prevails and those choosing love staying here and moving up with the rest of the planet. And, there are plenty of souls elsewhere in the universe who are on a waiting list to come here to take the place of the souls choosing fear and so choosing to leave here. So that is pretty much the whole 'end of days' thing in a nutshell.

So yep, the only thing for certain is that it is the end of the world as we know it! Thank God and not a moment too soon...

I have such faith and such hopes and such love for the planet as it raises its level of vibration of the land itself and all that live on it (that choose to stay of course).  A world of interonnected love and communal consciousness that will support - nurture all and everything, can be a reality, not just the dream.  I therefore leave you on a note with love and hope...... and all of you choosing fear and choosing to leave, have fun with all the other Luddites and Zealots in your new place of abode.

© Michael King -The Insight Foundation
Michael King is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Insight Foundation