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1 12 common manifestations of spiritual disorders and spiritually transmitted diseases.
2 How do you know if you are in an abusive relationship?
3 Steps to repair a relationship after an affair
4 Helping your children cope with divorce
5 How to deal with emotional infidelity
6 Signs your relationship is over. Should we divorce?
7 Too tired for sex? How to know if you are in a sexless marriage.
8 5 signs of a co-dependent relationship
9 How do I recognise a cult?
10 Spiritual and spiritual sexual abuse
11 A short history of Alchemy
12 2012 .... New beginnings in terms of the evolutionary growth the human spirit.
13 An alchemical understanding of the importance of adaptability.
14 Maintaining Humility
15 Teaching, Humility & New Paradigm Nonsense
16 Being Spiritually Conscious and Developing Source Consciousness
17 What is Integration?
18 Knowing, unity and truth
19 The Relationship between all that is and all we know. Unleashing our potential!
20 Overcoming Evolutionary Inertia and risk management for the personal growth process
21 Emotional maturity and Altruism
22 Planetary healing and rituals
23 Transcending Reality Models
24 Working with karma rather than being a victim to it
25 Dream stealing

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