Life Coaching Training Course Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation Perth - Australia

A warm welcome to our Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

This course is delivered in alignment with the International Coach Federation's 11 Core Competencies and gives you the skills to bring coaching and mentoring to your work, your life and everything you do


We are currently transitioning away from being nationally accredited with our unique Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching which was only recognised in Australia, to becoming internationally accredited through the International Coach Federation.

The course will be the same great training we have offered for the last 7 years, however, by leaving the Australian Skills Quality Authority in favour of the International Coach Federation, we can bring you that great training, make it even more relevant to your needs, more responsive to what's happening in industry in the moment, and keep the costs affordable to you, the student.

We have designed a unique course for those who are ready to start their life’s work and create lasting change for the better – for themselves individually as well as on a wider scale, reaching out through their sphere of influence into the community and out into the world.

We are at the birth of a new career choice and it is an exciting time to be taking part in something that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of many.

Mentoring and coaching is becoming more and more sought after both individually as well as in the corporate and community sector. 

The course is designed so that, while you learn the art, science and skills of effective coaching and mentoring, alongisde this you also work on better yourself, clearing anything that could get in the way of you being the very best you can be.  We believe that WHO YOU ARE IS HOW YOU COACH.

The tools and exercises assist you to get in touch with the authentic Being that you are.  You get to experience the benefits of the tools – becoming a product of the product.  You then work with one another to gain practice, insight and wisdom (knowledge applied).  Once you are feeling more capable and confident, you work with pro bono clients (providing free services in exchange for practical experience) before unleashing the fantastic Mentor and Coach that you are on your own workplace or community.

The course is very practical in its approach, with plenty of hands-on experience and group support and opportunities to practice.  There are regular live teleconferences as well as group sessions via teleconference and webinars, where you get to ask questions, clarify understanding, be tutored or mentored and learn with your class mates.

We work on the transformative learning model, which involves everyone in the class learning together, bringing their learning observations, questions, skills and wisdom to contribute to the whole class's learning.

 The course is taught in English, based in Perth Australia, where you will come for the face-to-face intensives. The classes are conducted via webinar and teleconference, so you can join those from the comfort of your own home of office. For those who live in Perth and would like to come in person to our fortnightly classes, you are welcome to come to our training rooms in our lovely semi-rural setting in the north of Perth.

The course's foundation is based on the 11 core competencies, standards and ethics set down by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Students, who complete the training hours of this course, as well as 100 hours of actual coaching required by the ICF, either during or after training, will be eligible to take the final examination with ICF and gain a credential with the International Coach Federation and become internationally accredited.

To download an outline of the 11 Core Competencies, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link

 Vision and Goals for the course

Our vision is to provide excellent training to equip individuals who wish to enhance their communication and life skills to a degree where they can take it out into the world, either within their current workplace or by creating their own business using the skills taught in our courses, combined with what they already bring, to develop deeper connection, improved relationships and a sense of harmony and integrity within their entire sphere of influence.

How long is the course? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

The first stage of the course is 9 months where you learn the art and science of coaching, mentoring, group work, presenting, creating workshops and facilitating - all from a standpoint of coaching based on the ICF 11 core competencies.

The second stage for those who would like to learn business skills to set up their own coaching and mentoring business. This is a 12 week stand alone course which can be taken at the end of the 9 month course.

What Skills does it teach? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

This program is designed to provide participants with foundational competencies based on the International Coach Federation’s strict standards and benchmarks.

The units of this course are clustered into 3 main areas of study:

1. Clear communication skills

  •     Communicate effectively – listen deeply, question powerfully
  •     Direct vs indirect communication
  •     Create awareness through how you communicate
  •     Not all communication is 'words'
  •     Fierce conversations can be fun

2. The 'energy' of the conversation or communication

  •     The 'space' in which communication occurs and how to make sure it's as clear as possible for best outcomes
  •     The relating and relationship of the people in the conversation or communication
  •     Presence, trust, intimacy as vital keys in clear communication
  •     Who are you 'Being' when you communicate?
  •     The practice of 'lightness'

3. Coaching, mentoring and facilitation skills

  •     Models of coaching, mentoring and facilitating - what is the difference and when to use each skill
  •     Conducting a session, creating a safe space and facilitating a meaningful conversation
  •     Establishing an agreement and staying on track in a conversation or facilitation
  •     Results require action - how to design actions, plan and goal set and maintain progress and accountability with yourself and your clients
  •     Create and facilitate workshops based on the 'coach approach'
  •     Essential presenting skills to help you feel confident and comfortable being authentic in front of an audience

4. Life skills

  •     Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships
  •     Authenticity, vulnerability, gentle humility and why these are important keys to being your True Self
  •     Psychological clarity to help you remain centred and aligned in your heart when things are challenging
  •     Energetic hygiene to systematically uncover and let of limiting patterns, behaviours, beliefs and things which may be holding you back
  •     Effective reflective and self-awareness practices to enhance your ability to self-actualise

5. Ethics and how they relate in today's world

6. Business Skills (optional 12 week module)

  •     How to market yoursef authentically
  •     How to set up and run a small business as an expression of YOU

Who is it for? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

This program is appropriate for those individuals who :
• love to work with others to assist them to come to more of their potential
• wish to further their professional development within their current work role and/or develop further skills to enhance job prospects or work roles
• are looking for a change of job; at a cross-roads in life; looking for something different
• are seeking a career they can conduct from home; be self employed with flexible working hours
• corporate clients who wish to equip their managers with mentoring and coaching skills
• teachers or care workers who wish to enhance communication and enabling skills in their clients/students etc
• individuals returning the workforce after an extended period of absence from the workplace
• have some degree of life experience and who are ready to share their learned wisdom with others
• are able to self manage and also handle a range of client emotions and situations

Do I have to want to become a coach or mentor to take this course?Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

No. Many individuals from a wide variety of careers and industry or members of various organisations areas take part in our training for their own interest, personal and professional development. They find it increases productivity and assists with communication and conflict resolution in both the workplace as well as their personal life. Other benefits include self awareness, creativity and the ability to deal with the issues of daily life with more grace and ease.

Tell me more about this course.........
Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

What is the purpose of the course?Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

We designed this course to provide you with practical skills and knowledge to fully equip you to set up your own mentoring and coaching practice or work as a mentor and coach. Some of the skills and knowledge you will gain include:

  • Identify and explore, in partnership with a client, what the client wants for themselves or the situation, drilling down to uncover the essence of what the client is searching for.
  • Powerful questioning and effective listening skills, enhanced communication skills, the ability to remain present and hold a safe space for the client to explore within, expanding their thinking and allowing them to move into the truth of what they feel.
  • People skills to enable the future mentor and coach to assist the client to feel comfortable enough to open up and get in touch with who they want to be and what they wish to create for themselves.
  • Identify and deal with strengths and weaknesses, triggers and issues within the self in order to best serve clients as a clear mirror and remain non-reactive and non-judgemental no matter what the client brings up.
  • Develop a range of strategies and tools for dealing with client situations and for remaining in a space of unconditional positive regard for self and for the client.
  • Develop sound business strategies, practices and habits of excellence for the purpose of building a successful life coaching practice within a frame of ecology and integrity.
  • Enable the student to develop presentation and public speaking skills for the purpose of teaching, presenting, and motivational speaking for the purpose of serving the community, serving the life coaching and mentoring practice and serving potential clients.

How is the course taught? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

The course is delivered through blended learning, which means there are some components which are delivered face-to-face via workshops, some componenets delivered via teleconferences and webinars which are attended online or via phone.

The course commences with the first of the 3 face-to-face intensives. This is the induction intensive and lasts for a full 3 days over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It gives students an introduction to the art and science of coaching skills. It a mix of a little bit of 'chalk and talk' to introduce each topic with interaction, then each topic has practical and experiential activities for the students to then DO the work and learn by doing.

Immediately after the workshop the fortnightly teleconference/webinar classes begin (on a Monday afternoon at 5.30pm to 7pm Perth Australia time). These classes are interactive with students sharing ideas, asking questions and participating in learning activities during each call.

A mix of theory and practical skills taught in an interactive way to cover the varying and different learning styles of everyone.

The second face-to-face intensive of 3 days duration is held 4 months later. This workshop is on essential presenting skills and is highly activity based with much more 'doing' than 'teaching'.

The final 2 day face-to-face intensive will be held at the conclusion of the course and will be, once again, all about 'doing'. It culminates the course's work with students delivering a short workshop or interactive presentation they've created which is aimed at training a group of people, using a coaching and mentoring approach.

Notes and resources are available on the website to download and work with regularly. There are also a number of books to purchase and read, about which students will submit a reflective written piece on what they learned or gained from working with the book.

The teleconference classes are held fortnightly on a Monday evening (from 5.30pm to 7pm Perth time).

Students will be allocated triads in which to practice coaching and mentoring one another. These will be supervised by a tutor and provide richly rewarding opportunities to learn, practice, reflect and grow as a coach and mentor. There will be a total of 27 triad calls which students arrange at times to suit each triad and their tutors.

Ethics is another important piece of our culture. There will be group calls where students will be divided into groups of 4 to discuss a series of case studies and ethical dilemmas with one another as peers. These calls will be facilitated by a tutor who will hold the space and contribute to the conversation from time to time to help students consider angles they hadn't seen before.

Additionally there will be other teleclasses as we bring different experts in their fields to come and share their wisdom with us.

The teleclasses are an important part of the training and your accreditation and must be attended with a minimum of 80% in person and the remainder may be caught up by listening to the recording of the call and submitting a written piece on whaqt the student learnt from the call and how they could use the learning in their life.

Who is on the team?

All our team members are outstanding graduates who have already completed the course and are now successfully working in their own coaching and mentoring businesses.

Additionally, they all have teaching qualifications or equivalent experience, as well as relevant industry experience and expertise in what they bring to the course.

Our tutors give you a variety of styles and indiviuality in their coaching and mentoring to help you understand that we want you to be YOU when you coach or mentor. There's no cloning here - we celebrate your uniqueness and encourage you to expand on getting to know yourself and what you bring to your coaching and mentoring.

Click here to meet some of our team members

Do I have to want to become a coach or mentor to take this course?Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

No. Many individuals from a wide variety of careers and industry or members of various organizations areas take part in our training for their own interest, personal and professional development. They find it increases productivity and assists with communication and conflict resolution in both the workplace as well as their personal life. Other benefits include self awareness, creativity and the ability to deal with the issues of daily life with more grace and ease.  

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