Michael King

  Founder, Cosmosis Mentoring Centre
  Educator, Mentor and Coach

butterfly I would like to very honestly share a little about myself. I have had my fair share of challenges in my life. I was not born with any kind of silver spoon in my mouth. My understanding comes not from book learning but from the school of hard knocks. I have made lots of mistakes, taken lots of circuitious journeys, sabotaged myself and in some moments been downright foolish. I have however learnt from all my experiences and I have seldom ever made the same mistake twice. Now for those 'Pollyanna types' of you who are saying that there are no mistakes and we all do our best with the knowledge we have, that is true from a certain perspective. The reality is that few of us ever really do our best. Instead we wallow in our comfort zones and do not actively strive to be the best we can possibly be on every level of our existence. I truly want to be the best I can possibly be. I want to be the most loving, the wisest, the most compassionate, the most fearless and the most intelligent that I can possibly be. I want to share some of my journey to date with you so that you can get a feel for whether or not the Cosmosis personal growth journey is for you.

My school years

lithgow_valley_collieryI grew up in a small industrial town, about ten thousand people, twelve coal mines (one literally right next to my school in the centre of town), a power station, the woollen mills, clothing factories, quarries and a Small Arms Factory. Eight Public bars in the main street alone and four registered Clubs….. no prizes for guessing what the favourite pastime was of most of the town. Everyone I knew drank alcohol and most of them drank a lot. In hindsight some of my upbringing was pretty dysfunctional. However, at the time it was just how it was - as it is when you are a kid. I have always sensed energies and spirits and I was a teenager before I realised that such was unusual, I had assumed that everyone could do so. I recall my first serious encounter with a negative entity when I was five years old, something of a baptism of fire. I seemed to know intuitively that the fear which I was feeling was being projected by the entity itself and I had little trouble dismissing it on its way.

me-year1I went to a Catholic School. I was not like most that were there, by nature I was quiet, introspective and sensitive. I was acknowledged from an infant by most who met me as intelligent well beyond my years, yet I was also a spoilt only child accustomed to getting my own way. I have always been very strong willed and I came into this life with an exaggerated sense of both importance and entitlement. All together a recipe for creating dislike amonst my peers. Often elected Prefect and then School Captain I was generally well respected yet not well liked. I was teased relentlessly and I quickly became very adept at staying out of trouble although physical beatings at the hands of other children were frequent. “There is something wrong with you! You’re not like us! You don’t belong here” was the frequent taunt. After school I learned to avoid gangs of children (or were they trained monkeys?) who liked to hunt down Catholic kids, knock them to the ground and then kick them and spit on them. Charming creatures, these so called humans.  I am so grateful to them for showing me so graphically what I did not want to be when I grew up. Zenophobia was at it's height during the cold war and I grew up in the midst of that, the fear and paranoia was palpable and it was mixed with the gay abandon of the so called sexual revolution which evolved into the new age movement with its lack of boundaries, common sense and ethics.

During my school years it saddened me to watch the light of spirit go out in the few bright souls in my class at school, beaten out of them in the name of religion and civilisation. I actually felt sorry for the bullies at the time and wondered why they had so much fear towards me. My refuges growing up were my much loved Saturday morning art classes and the many long hours I would spend roaming the bush and communing with nature. I had an instinctive understanding of the cycles of life and spent countless hours tadpoling, building cubby houses and billy karts, hunting and exploring. I got my first rifle when I was nine years old and was a natural crack shot.

I felt loved by my parents yet always felt somehow isolated from them. My father grew up in an orphanage after witnessing the death of his mother when he was two years old and he was completely shut down emotionally. My parents had lost my infant brother some 15 years before I was born. The local priest told my father that God had taken my brother to atone for Dads sins and he carried that guilt to the grave, he drowned those feelings in a lifetime of alcohol addiction. Dad expressed his love by doing things for people. I literally speak to my children more in an hour than my father spoke to me my whole life and most of the advice he gave me in hindsight was pretty unwise and got me into a lot of trouble. Mum was not unaffected by her upbringing with an alcoholic father and was somewhat over-protective of me. They both did the best they could and I am very grateful to them both for their care and support.

I hated school and I recall my great fear as a child was that I would be sent away to boarding school and would never see my parents. For many years I wanted to learn fencing but no lessons were available sadly. I also wanted to learn the guitar as a child, however my father actively discouraged musical activities as the domain of sissies. My Dad was a champion sportsman (even with his polio affected leg) and he always hoped I would embrace sporting activities as he had however I disliked team sport and preferred endeavours wherein I could compete within myself.  I sang at eisteddfods in primary school and even sang solo until a very emotionally damaged Nun in my school became the music teacher. She would cry with uncontrollable emotion sometimes when I sang so she called my parents into school to tell them that I was banned from the choir because I had no musical ability whatsoever. She told me that my singing was a tool of the devil. So that was the end of my musical career until my forties. I was an Altar Boy for a time which I enjoyed and I often read the lessons at Mass. One day when I was twelve I remember attempting to deliver a sermon on ethics to the congregation.... most there were not sure whether to laugh or be horrified.... I was ushered away and severely reprimanded. I also wanted a motorcycle but my parents felt that was unwise so a motorcycle was my first major purchase much later when I started work.

Thankfully along the way I had a few wonderful teachers however for the most part my teachers were automatrons regurgitating dogma and superstition. Religious training every day. I remember once receiving the strap which was a piece of conveyer belt with a penny spliced into the end of it across my thighs for asking in religion how it was possible to reconcile a God of Love with the doctrine of fearing a jealous and vengeful God. What seemed to me to be a perfectly reasonable question in their eyes was obviously deserving of a physical beating. In High School a couple of the teachers decided I needed to be toughened up and that involved those teachers encouraging other boys to beat me so I would learn to be a ‘man’. I am very grateful for the many spiritual retreats we went on in High School organised by Jesuit Priests. The Jesuits are a very mystical order and they recognised my gifts as a visionary and healer. They taught me to meditate when I was fourteen and that became a lifelong discipline. I fondly remember a live-in retreat in Sydney when I was sixteen and while my classmates were short-sheeting beds and trying to sneak into the girls rooms I was still up at midnight participating in the meditation ceremony with the Priests. Early on at school it was decided by the religious staff that I was destined for the Priesthood, the Jesuits told me that they felt I had a different calling in this life and that I would create it and discover it as I went along. Anyway, enough said about school, for the most part it was full of painful yet wonderful learning in what not to do with the odd sprinkling of wonder and insight.

I had one constant friend through my school years for whom I remain very grateful. He was loyal and a wonderful companion on our many adventures. I had other close friends come and go. Some left town, others decided I was boring as they got older and my last best friend at school I lost to heroin. When I left school at sixteen I was only 4' 11" tall, wise way beyond my years yet very immature emotionally. I was also profoundly naive and idealistic. I generally looked down on those around me as primitive and foolish. I felt terribly apart from my life and although I often felt as though I had been born in the wrong century I also desperately desired to understand my fellow human beings, I had a very strong desire to serve them in some way. In my daily meditations I would ask to come to understand how I may bring greater light of understanding, tolerance and wisdom to the world. Little did I know at that stage of my life that I was actually asking the universe to plunge me me into the turmoil of emotional weakness and the intense competitive struggle for existance that most find themselves in their whole lives. Until this time I had always somehow moved through the world without really being in it. I was a witness to life rather than a participant in it...... that was all about to change.

Working at trading my hours for dollars.

My first job was working in a hardware store on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. For the most part I really enjoyed that experience over two years. I really liked one of the managers, he taught me a lot and encouraged me to stretch myself. The other manager, a woman, was cranky and asking her a question was like trying to get blood out of a stone. The contrast showed me clearly the type of leader I wanted to be.

saf-1962-1Upon leaving school at sixteen I commenced an apprenticeship in Toolmaking at the local Small Arms Factory (SAF) where my Father worked for forty six years. I excelled. I had few friends there. I topped my class every year and continued to excel at avoiding thugs, pranks and beatings. I loved my time at SAF, Lithgow. I had the opportunity to involve myself in every aspect of production, design, maintenance, management, problem solving and customer liaison. I cannot imagine another setting which could have afforded me such a diverse opportunity to integrate such a wealth of experience in that period of 15 years.I bought my first house when I was just twenty and I was on the road to success, or at least I thought I was. Interestingly I discovered years later that the Principal of my school and the local Bishop had both asked the SAF to cancel their offer of my apprenticeship because they felt I would be wasted and they wanted me to join the priesthood.

apprenticeyear1983I also studied Mechanical Engineering concurrently with my apprenticeship during that time of my life and became Apprentice of the Year for Australia, for which I won a year working on attachment to the Ministry of Defence in the UK. I loved my time in England, it felt like lifetimes of experience returned to me whilst I was there, I felt I was returning home. In the midst of the palpable paranoia of the cold war during my childhood, whilst other boys had football heroes I instead looked up to Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the kind of man I wanted to be when I grew up. I enjoyed visiting Churchill's old haunts while I was in England and felt as though I was retracing the steps of a truly great man. I returned to Australia feeling inspired and idealistic to a fault.

During my twenties I became fascinated with all forms of personal growth and I also studied comparative theologies and participated in many different congregations. For a time I was involved in an Evangelical Church, it was a nice contrast to the rigid experience of Catholocism. I once received a lucrative offer to move to America to become a tele-evangilist. I also visited Temples, Synagogues and Mosques.  I discovered that although all religions appeared to share the same core of validity they all seemed to believe that they had a monopoly on truth. Hmmm, a monopoly on truth, what a peculiar and arrogant notion I mused to myself and headed off to search in other directions. I also received many offers to become involved in politics during my twenties but I felt drawn in other directions. My grandmother on my fathers side was the oldest living member of the NSW Labour Party and I remember when she introduced me to Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975, he sat me down and encouraged me at length to consider a career in politics. I was twelve and politics was not for me,  I had a deep knowing that this life was and is about rounding out my own development, losing some vices that were past their use-by date and becoming as integrated as possible.  My whole life I have felt like I am recovering from an protracted ordeal.

Lots of self-help books, workshops and philosophies followed. I sat with so called masters and applied many disciplines in a process which dis-illusioned me...... in a good way. As I met more and more teachers, authors and healers I discovered that although they were pretty together on the stage their personal lives were usually in a shambles. Over time I decided that I wanted to bring a trusted source of healing, personal growth and development into being within this confusing arena of self-proclaimed gurus and their adoring and so often abused masses of devotees. I was horrified at the extent of sexual misconduct involved with so called spiritual teachers with many of them actually deluding themselves that having sex with their students is healing them. It still makes me shudder and I cannot count the number of women I have encountered that have been devastated by so called spiritual individuals seducing them when they were vulnerable. More great learning and more understanding of how I did not want the organisation I knew I would someday found, to operate. You can read my article on Spiritual Abuse here.

My marriages

skime I got married young upon my return from England at just twenty one to my first girlfriend, and by the time I was twenty five I had a very successful career, the house and 2.5 kids....... and I was miserable. I did what I knew and I mimicked the behaviour I had seen when I was growing up. Although I had been very judgmental of tobacco and alcohol when I was younger I made a conscious decision to take my first drink of alcohol when I was 19 in an effort to fit in and make friends. During my time in England to my horror I found myself very naturally smoking tobacco. London felt more like home than my native Australia, I knew my way around London instinctively and it felt like home. By my mid twenties I drank and smoked way too much, it was very easy to do so because in a small industrial town that is what everyone did. Alcohol and tobacco were in my genes on both sides of my family and in my last life I had a lifelong love affair with them both. I felt as though I was dying inside. Binge drinking on the weekends, then graduating to weeknights and liquid lunches with my work colleagues. I was also working doing sound and lighting for bands as a second job and also doing some evenings College teaching in Metal Trades. I had done all the 'right' things for all the 'wrong' reasons. I felt as though I was living someone else's life.

My first marriage was a disaster. I loved my wife but we were terribly mismatched and we disagreed about just about evenything constantly. We often bought out the worst in each other. We were together for nine years and by that time I had been terribly depressed for some years to the point of being suicidal and was to the point of writing goodbye letters to my friends. I felt like a complete failure. At the last minute a good friend and mentor helped me to choose to pick myself up instead. I had to start over, to reinvent myself if I was to halt the downward spiral I was on. My first wife and I separated when we were twenty six when she was six months pregnant with our third child. I had been going to counselling for some time and the therapist was counselling towards separation. I was devastated. Many in my small town turned against me, I became something of a pariah. With the wisdom of hindsight my wife and I both agree that we did the best thing for ourselves and the children by separating. We loved each other but we were not good together. A huge revelation.... on its own, love alone is not enough! You need love, affinity and shared values. We couldn't agree upon the values we wanted to instill in our children and that was the cause of a lot of our conflict. She cared a lot about appearances and wanted the kids to do her proud.... I couldn't care less about what other people think and I simply wanted the children to live their lives doing whatever made their hearts sing.

After our separation I set my mind to understanding relationship dynamics and the ingredients of a truly loving and successful relationship. The only problem was that such relationships seemed to be very hard to find. Luckily at work I was undergoing management training which had been put together by Pia Melody of the Co-dependence books fame and that helped a lot. I would like to add that for all my vices in my younger days, I have never had casual sex. I have had a deep love bond with the few sexual partners I have had, and the very idea of having sex with someone I was not in love with I find quite bizarre. When I was involved in the entertainment industry I had countless opportunities to have casual sex but it never interested me. Marshalling the sexual nature to me is the A,B,C of self mastery and thankfully the techniques I applied as I was maturing served that end easily and effectively.

michael30Soon after the breakup of my first marriage along came my second wife, the first 'head over heels' love of my life. I had actually first laid eyes on her over a decade before when I was visiting her school for a debating and public speaking competition, I recognised her immediately. We had a lot in common, a fiery passion for each other, alcohol and partying. We were so in love but the truth of it is that once again we were not really that well suited together. Although I had a wonderful time in my twenties and I accomplished a great deal on many levels it was a decade of un-clarity, alcohol abuse and egoic confusion. I learnt a lot about human emotion and emotional weakness. I really came to understand self-defeating behaviour and the processes of denial and avoidance of the truth.

I have now been clean and sober since 1993. I now choose out of self love and self respect to not partake in any recreational drugs whatsoever, even the legal ones like coffee and alcohol. The hardest thing to give up was my beloved tobacco, first the cigars went but it took me years to cease my smoking cigarettes. At age 30 I walked away from everything and made the empty handed leap into the void. I left my job which was secure for life and we moved about a thousand kilometres away from that little town where we grew up. It was the best thing I have ever done. Since then I feel as though life has led me step by step on a voyage of discovery... discovery of myself, who I am, who I have been and who I may be if I but choose. I discarded everything I thought I knew and allowed life to suck me into place.

michaelking2001My involvement in the music industry had allowed me to walk alongside many very talented artists as I watched so many of them destroy themselves through addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex. I observed their low self-esteem cause them to squander their potential and I resolved to bring into being a whole new understanding of how to build and maintain a healthy foundation of self-love and self-worth..... this was the beginnings of the Cosmosis Personal Growth Process. I retrained in Psychology, Counselling, Natural Therapies and even spent a few years training with one of the worlds most celebrated Mediums during which time I learnt how to use my empathic and mediumistic abilities within a healing context.

My second wife and I were together on and off for sixteen years. We were very good for each other yet not always good to each other. We decided to end our marriage amicably as we both intuitively felt that we needed to both continue our life's journey alone. Leaving her was one of the hardest things I have ever done but in hindsight we both now feel it was the best thing for our growth, our time together was over. She always felt that she was in the shade of a big tree around me and although that was not my reality our patterns enmeshing were holding each other back. We get on much better now that we do not live together and she remains one of my best friends to this day, and always will be so. Another revelation.... this kind of love alone is also not enough and chemistry is not the wisest thing to base a relationship upon.

The King FamilyI then spent a couple of years alone with my children from my first marriage who all now lived with me. And, just when I was completely happy and content to never have another relationship along came my current wife. A new exciting and great love yet without the urgency and volatility I had known before. We have never had an argument since we got together in 2006 and we are both happy to agree to disagree. We are completely ourselves with each other and we just really enjoy each other's company. We have a daughter together and life is good. Our relationship is open and spirited. We laugh a lot and challenge each other to be the best we can be. Our whole relationship contract is about supporting each other personally, professionally and spiritually to grow and self-actualise. We share a reality personally, psychologically and spiritually. We have a tremendous affinity with each other and our communication is easy and graceful. Neither of us needs to try in the relationship, we are just ourselves. We find each other stimulating and we share a mutual joy and respect in each others lives which is just so effortless. Contrary to popular belief your soul mate is not the person that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in your dysfunction. Your greatest soul mate is the person that causes you to grow the most as a soul. My wife and I do that for each the other and we both live our lives in such a way that we endeavour to be soul mates to everyone in our lives. I feel very blessed by her presence in my life. Don't get me wrong, our life together is not without its challenges and we still stumble from time to time over our own patterns and past hurts yet there is an ongoing ease and grace to our union which is quite wonderful. Our relationship is built upon more of a spiritual affinity and a mutual joy and respect which spans lifetimes of shared experience and a remarkable similarity in our journeys through eternity which have led us to this time and space with harmonious ideas and aspirations. We travel together, we are good to each other and for each other.

 I have a close circle of friends and collegues for which I am very grateful. I work as an educator in the fields of philosophy, metaphysics, alchemy and ethics. Our team delivers cutting edge transformational programs to individuals, groups and organisations. We specialise in mentoring and coaching, social entrepreneurship and advanced ascension training.

mkuk-1I am something of an unpopular and controversial voice within certain circles such as the new age movement as I advocate high standards for people in the public eye, as an example to others who so frequently seek to emulate.  I have challenged a great many so called 'spiritual' people over the years when I have witnessed unethical behaviour and such ones travel far and wide bad mouthing me.... if you encounter that I suggest you discern that the emotional charge they carry about me is testimony to their unclarity. Some criticise me as a 'good salesman' yet I would say that anyone who has healthy self-esteem and self-worth and thus values what they can bring to peoples lives is a 'good salesman'. Interesting how ones critics so often present being able to offer ones services to others in a clear and succinct way as being somehow negative. I feel that scepticism is healthy however only if that scepticism is aimed at exposing the truth rather than tearing something down. The intelligent sceptic must be open always to the possibility that they are 'wrong'.  Appearances are deceiving and it is unwise to judge a book by its cover so allow your heart feelings to be the eyes of your spirit.... discard the paranoia and self-interest, ignore the fears and the prejudice and simply be guided by your inner knowing.  To me the kind of presence that allows one to be a positive guiding influence in other's lives rarely comes from hiding away in a monastery for lifetimes but rather from fully living life, becoming one with it and then simply choosing to ground and express love within every activity one engages in. Remember that the truth is the truth and your eternal wellbeing lives in that understanding.

I believe that our religion is what we do every day, it is the truth of how we live our lives. Although I had a religious upbringing and seriously considered the priesthood, I discovered upon deeper investigation that I could not reconcile the hypocrisy and superstition involved.  These days I have no interest at all in involving myself in arguing over whose big stone box has the best god. I do not judge others for their involvement in any way whatsoever and religion serves a valuable service to the planet however it has nothing to offer me. I chose instead to live by my own very high moral and ethical code of behaviour which is way beyond what most would consider being necessary. I feel that the future of the planet lies in removing all intermediaries between humanity and its creative source and I feel that much of the global discontent and disharmony we are experiencing will inevitably lead us as a race to that end. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

Sadly I am amazed at how many people are so willing to give their power away by believing the rhetoric of all these self aggrandising fools out there living in a world of glamour and illusion. It saddens me to see so many people, especially children, idolising sports people and music artists whose behaviour and hedonistic lifestyles are appalling. I would like to see great humanitarians being held up as heroes to be emulated instead. Sadly even most of our politicians behave like children in the schoolyard. All the claims in the world do not change who a person is at heart and anyone who is truly great in any field is not going to waste time and energy blowing their own trumpet. In short I feel that there are far too many outrageous claims in the world and not enough 'walking of the talk'. From my own personal and often painful experience the 'new age' movement that many hail as being the potential salvation of the planet is sadly full of untrained, unintegrated and out of control egos just like most other fields of endeavour. I cannot count how many times I have extended my hand to people in the new age movement only to have them launch into a scathing attack basically because I had the audacity to suggest that they pop down from their pedestal to address the obvious weaknesses in their psychological clarity. If I meet one more self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus or Mary Magdalene I think I will be physically ill. I am astonished and saddened by both the level of gullibility and the extent of ethical misconduct so prevalent in the new age movement and I am very vocal about it. You can read my article on Spiritual Abuse here.

Michael King facilitating Cosmosis

Mastery is not just about wearing white robes and self-righteously acting 'holier than thou'. Rather it is about fully loving and enjoying all aspects of Earth life in moderation and wisdom. Certainly though some activities, beliefs and ideas are mutually exclusive to the goal of self actualisation and one must learn to develop new expressions which are aligned with the goal of self-mastery. What you see is what you get with me, nothing hidden. For the most part except for the odd shining light I find all the airs and graces of the spiritual and new age communities generally quite offensive, false and shallow. The degree of self-righteousness and judgment astonishes me. No one is perfect and anyone who claims to be in deluded. Jesus and Muhammad never claimed to be perfect nor infallible so when their followers claim infallibility you have to wonder just a little. Everyone has issues, living a life is an issue. Jesus had issues but the thing to remember is that the kind of issues that Jesus had would be considered the height of spiritual attainment by many aspirants. When one looks ahead in evolutionary terms one sees wonder and attainment, yet from above that same attainment is but weak foolishness to be transcended in order to move to the next level. Can you but see that the process is identical for all regardless of the rung of the ladder they are on and my gift to you is to show you how you can transform yourself without an intermediary. What I will teach you will change your destiny, the beauty of learning this process is that no one can ever take it away from you and the skills will allow you to progress from level to level when you choose to be ready rather than having to wait for a saviour to intervene. The greatest gift a teacher can share is to allow everyone to see them going through the process so that others may emulate that and progress themselves. I make no claims to be any kind of advanced spiritual master this or that however i do know my way around the personal growth and self actualisation processes better than most. Love is all, all is love, beyond all is love and loving all is the beyond. The spiritual path is not all about being holier-than-thou nor is it about abandoning all personal boundaries and common sense. It is about having an integrated body, mind and spirit and forming your own unique conscious relationship with your own source. From there you uniquely create and discover a new destiny for yourself free of fear and superstition.

The new paradigm is transformation through mastery, it is a natural occurrence in evolutionary terms. Some members of the existing 'caterpillars' are portending the end of the world (thank God!) as they are unaware of their own wholeness. Others understand the wonder of helping the world to grow into a butterfly and are choosing to actively engage in that transformation process. If you are one of those transforming then you are in place... Welcome!


 My hobbies

mecup me-renpI love building and restoring things. I love gadgets, I love motorcycles and I love old cars of which I have several. I also collect antique firearms and have a swag of medals in both State and National target shooting disciplines. I have a dealer's license for antique firearms. Something which makes me unusual I suppose is although in my youth I was quite adept in several sports I now have a complete lack of interest in ball games and sport in general. I would rather watch grass grow than watch the football or the cricket. I also have no interest in shallow superficial relationships of any kind which leads me to not have a large circle of acquaintances like so many people do. I also have platonic relationships with many women friends which is a little unusual I guess. In general I find that women make much better friends than men and the conversation is certainly more stimulating. Now most people will dis-believe that it is even possible for a man to have platonic relationships with women but I would say that such ignorance is simply testimony to their lack of emotional maturity and undisciplined sexual natures.

 Stuff I wished I knew when I was 18

My simplest advice to you if you really want to grow is:

meplay- Wisdom does not blindly open itself up to another, rather it accepts all, denies nothing, reflects and discerns yet does not grasp or retain. Imagine how hard it would be to gain a clear view in a mirror that retained everything it had ever reflected. So don't do that with you mind,... use your mind like a mirror.... reflect but do not retain.

- You must learn to use all of your experience as a reflection of truth, learn to find your reflection of truth within the myriad of reflections around you

- Some reflections in life are clearer than others. The loudest voice is never the wisest voice. Greatness does not extole its own virtues. Great souls do not perceive themselves as great so they never blow their own trumpets. Anyone who makes claims of greatness is not great. No true spiritual master will ever claim they are a spiritual master, they simply allow their presence to speak for itself. Anyone who claims to be the greatest 'this or that' is a fraud. The actions of a true master speak for themselves. So to be perfectly clear... if they claim to be a fully realised divine being then they certainly are not that.

michaelkinguk- Once in a while everyone will stumble upon the truth but most of people manage to pick themselves up and hurry along as if nothing had happened. Choose instead to love the truth and end your investment in denial and avoidance on all levels. Your eternal wellbeing actually depends on it.

- The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. Love the truth above all else yet do not use the truth to cause harm, rather only to uplift.

- A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

- Be a healthy sceptic and learn discernment. Don’t attack everything trying to disprove it but instead be sceptical in an endeavour to learn the truth.

- Any old romantic relationship is not necessarily better than no relationship.

- Your greatest soul mate is the person who causes you to grow the most as a soul. It is not someone who makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and OK about being so much less than your potential. Surround yourself with soul mates.

- and last but not least, It is not enough that we just do what we think is our best; sometimes we just have to do what’s required. Live not for likes or dislikes but do what needs to be done. This in itself is not necessarily happiness but it is the seed of both greatness and success in everything you are and be.

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