mentoring2The Cosmosis mentoring program can be done anywhere in the world so long as you have a phone and internet connection.

There is a lot of interest around life coaching and mentoring these days. Many people are coming to the realisation that there is more to life than they are currently experiencing and are seeking a way to find out how to express themselves as a Whole Being.

So what is life coaching?

Mentoring and coaching all about assisting someone to find meaning, purpose, fulfillment and a truer reflection of who they really are.

Mentoring and coaching is an evolving, growing relationship where both the mentor/coach and you commit to your growth and evolution towards being the highest expression of who you truly are. Your mentor or coach is someone from whom you can gain reflection; someone who will assist you to find clarity around a challenge and bounce ideas around with. It is someone who has your best interests at heart; someone who will hold the ideal of who you truly are while you search for the best way to become that. It is someone who will never harm you, never treat you badly or ridicule you; it is someone who will challenge you, stretch you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of and support your highest good. It is someone who will teach you how to connect with something greater than who you think you are.

A mentor is someone who has trodden the path themselves and already has understanding and ideas of how to overcome the obstacles that you may find along the way and they are willing to share that wisdom with you. To play your part you must be willing to learn, be willing to take instruction and be willing to commit to your own growth and take accountability for your life in every way.

Being mentored and coached is for everybody every day. It's never been necessary to valiantly struggle along, alone, doing it hard and keeping it all inside. Some people have this weird kind of pride in doing it alone, but you can become so much more by sharing the journey with a mentor who will work with you to assist you to develop life skills within you in your own unique way.

Many of the most successful people throughout history and in all areas of endeavour, whether it be business, sport, academia or philosophy have had some form of coach or mentor. Some of these include Winston Churchill who was mentored by Bourke Cockran (Tammany Hall lawyer-politician); Archimedes mentored Galileo (science); Socrates mentored Plato (philosophy); Ansell Adams (landscape photographer and environmentalist) was mentored by his father, to whom he accredits with “tenderly keeping alive my inner spark” and Tiger Woods was mentored by his father Earl D Woods (sports).

mentoring1I know that with mentoring and coaching any individual can unfold on a daily basis into the personal satisfaction that comes from being more and more of who you truly are.

Coaching and mentoring is so much more than just for a stint of 6 or so sessions to achieve a goal. It is more than a tool for when you have an issue or challenge to overcome. I believe it is a lifetime habit for the highest good of your whole being in all moments. I believe you can learn the strategies and practices with your mentor and coach for ongoing personal development, to inspire you to keep moving forward in the times between working with your professional mentor or coach. I believe that ongoing personal and professional development is best when it's done on a daily basis. Like any athlete or artist will tell you, you need to practice daily to maintain your peak levels of performance, and you need to continuously learn and grow to unfold into all that you can be. Having a mentor or coach to check in with once a week on an ongoing basis is a most valuable resource to your emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing – which, as many health experts will tell you, has the capacity to flow on to physical wellbeing and improve all the relationships in your life.

For this reason, we have designed a series of ongoing courses, which are offered through the Cosmosis mentoring Centre. Now that you are serious about your personal growth and development, with the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre you can find a mentor to work with you on whatever level you choose, whether it be a short course, a fully accredited course, a weekly teleclass combined with one of our online classes and one-on-one mentoring or coaching to suit your particular goals and resources. These courses provide you with a unique opportunity to be mentored, supported, challenged and nurtured to become the best you can be while you work on your personal and professional development.

animal urgesOur mentoring process is all about personal integrity and the literal definition of personal integrity is having an integrated body, mind and spirit. You will learn to identify as spirit in human form rather than being a body with a soul. This is an important distinction. This process spiritualises the human being on all levels to cause you to become spiritually aware in human form. You will learn how to take all of life in and only create loving outcomes. The real choice in life is between love and fear..... Do you take life in and turn it into fear? Or do you take life in a turn it into love? You will learn how to have your eternal spirit reality fully present here and now, in the drivers seat with the animal/human instincts and urges subordinate to the eternal being that you truly are. This takes time, dedication and commitment. It is a lifestyle, a way you live your life and it changes your life in ways unimaginable until you actually embrace the transformation. You will learn to fully live your life in a way that all of your life is affirming and creating outcomes on unconditional love, wisdom and compassion. What would love do next? becomes your motivation.... the spirit of 'let us' rather 'I will' prevailing to create a future of love, equal opportunity and grace for generations who follow us.


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