Crystal AlchemyA book by Michael King in the Insight Series.

Crystal Alchemy is a simple guide to activating and supporting an ascended consciousness, actualising human potential and lots of other stuff someone really should have told you.

Michael says

“We live in a world of science,
technology and reason, wherein magic
and spirit are denied. Some of us still know that not everything can be measured and rationalised, and if you are one of those people then welcome home. Cosmosis® gives you the opportunity to realise and actualise that you are so much more than you have been led to believe!”

 Working with crystals assists us to attune to the energy system of the Earth so that we may sustain higher frequencies, which may aid us in the activation and actualisation of both our DNA and soul blueprint’s fuller potential.

Crystals are a precious kingdom of nature on this diverse and wondrous planet, and we can work together with them to create more harmony amongst all the kingdoms. Such is the basic understanding, the mindset if you will, which is necessary to begin your journey for exploring spiritual crystal alchemy.

This book outlines the way Michael produced his own activation and attainment, it is a roadmap for you to follow to produce the same transformation for yourself!

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