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Michael King is the founder of the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre which delivers holistic personal growth mentoring services with fully government qualified Mentors and Coaches using our Cosmosis Transformational Coaching Process.

Michael's experience in this life

Michael has experience in many varied fields ranging from customer service, engineering design, development and manufacturing, personnel and process management, college teaching, the entertainment industry, information technology, management and skills-based training, and many alternative therapies. He is fully Australian Government qualified as a Life Coach and Mentor. Michael has been working in the field of personal/spiritual growth facilitation since 1993.

Upon leaving school he worked for the Australian Department of Defence Support for fifteen years. Michael then entered a period of many years wherein he studied with several well known Spiritual Masters, during which time he fully awakened to his real work in this lifetime.
michael king stone chairMichaels first business venture involved shooting rabbits and selling them to greyhound owners as dog food. $2 per rabbit was pretty good income for a ten year old. At fourteen he started working at a local hardware store. Upon leaving school at sixteen Michael then did a Toolmaking apprenticeship at the Small Arms Factory in Lithgow, New South Wales, in Australia. In 1982 he won the Australian Commonwealth apprentice of the year award and the prize was almost a year working in the UK working for the British Ministry of Defence. Returning to London was like returning home and it's there where his sudden spiritual reawakening occurred. His fifteen years working for the Australian Department of Defence Support schooled him in manufacturing and process engineering, method study, computer programming, problem solving, systems and process design, customer service, research and development, personnel and process management, resource planning and much more. Taking raw materials and step by step transforming them into high quality finished products was his basic training which became the basis for the Cosmosis Personal Spiritual Alchemy System. So in a sense the tools of conflict gave birth to understanding the need for Cosmosis. Having always been a student of history and then having studied the mechanisms of killing, warfare and weaponry he came to an understanding of how to remedy conflict so as to create inner peace.
After taking a voluntary redundancy payout in 1993 Michael then did two internships with two very impressive master souls running logistics for their large spiritual organisations in exchange for training and experience. The first was with Edmund Harold who was a very gifted Seer and Spiritual Channel who travelled the world for over forty years serving as a mouthpiece for the Ascended Masters of Love and Light. During this time Michael's gifts of Seership, Spiritual Healing and Trance Mediumship became honed to a very high level. He then did a five year internship with Dr. Joshua David Stone, the author of the Complete Ascension Manual and Soul Psychology. Joshua chose Michael as one to receive his extensive training in Spiritual Psychology and Cosmic Telepathy. They exchanged long letters and long emails daily for many years covering all aspects of operating a large spiritual training ashram and disseminating gnosis via ancient energetic transmission methods. Together they developed and refined many new alchemical transformational processes. It was only after this second extensive spiritual apprenticeship that Michael started his own very different type of ashram known as The Cosmosis Academy.
He is fully Australian Government qualified as a Life Coach and Mentor. Michael has a diverse range of qualifications including: Fitting and Machining, Toolmaking, Welding and Hydraulics Trade Certificates from the Small Arms Factory at Lithgow, Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Certificates in Counselling, Metallurgy, Heat Treatment, Drafting, Computer Programming, Method Study, Engineering Management, Computer Numerical Control, Sound Engineering, Gunsmithing, Materials Resource Planning, Process Engineering, Crystal Healing, Robotics, Auto Mechanics, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Diploma of Remedial Massage, and a Cert IV in Life Coaching and Mentoring.
Since 1993 Michael has been running his successful businesses and working as a mentor and educator in the field of personal growth.

Michael works as a mentor and educator within the fields of self mastery, philosophy, alchemy, metaphysics and ethics.

To understand what this means we must first define these terms.

Self self/ - A person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, esp. considered as the object of introspection.

Self Mastery - mas·ter·y /mast(ə)rē/ - The conscious control of one's behaviour

Philosophy - phi·los·o·phy/fəˈläsəfē/   - The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, in other words 'the meaning of life'.

Alchemy - al·che·my/ˈalkəmē/  - The science of the transformation of matter from it's base nature into it's highest potential and most refined state. In other words 'refining one's animal nature and character through mastery of self'.

Metaphysics - met·a·phys·ics/ˌmetəˈfiziks/  -  The branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, cause... i.e. that which is beyond the physical world.

Ethics  - eth·ics  -  Principles that govern a person's or group's behavior within the context of their collective and sustainable wellbeing.

You can read Michael's article on the History of Alchemy here.

Michael has no affiliation with any earthly religion, hierarchy, philosophical school, club, lodge or society, on any level (excepting the Vintage Car Club in Perth). This is not about any existing religion or philosophy although Michael has studied Comparative Theologies and Philosophies for over thiry years. He operates independently of any existing faith or group with his own very strict CMC code of ethics. He neither condones nor dis-approves of anything, for him is all simply is as it is. He makes no grand claims, he simply offers his knowing and understanding to others in the hope that it brings greater joy, clarity and understanding into their lives.

Quite contrary to the outrageous claims of so many self-proclaimed supreme master fully god realised nut-jobs out there,
Michael says "although the space universe affords and allows the complete actualisation of the experiential absolute and the non-existential trinity, it is however inconceivable that the quantitative infinite could ever be realised within finality".


The Cosmosis    Personal Growth Process


Michael King facilitating Cosmosis

Michael engineered and co-developed a transformational coaching process called Cosmosis™, which is offered to interested students of the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre. Cosmosis™ is an internal process for personal growth that enables you to change how you respond to the world.  This personal growth process changes your personal reactions and feelings about the people and situations in your life, and, instead of simply reacting to life, empowers you to consciously choose how you respond. It transforms your old programming and fear-based belief systems. The process has nothing to do with anyone or anything else, it’s just self meeting self time and time again until you get the message that everything in your environment is a reflection of you, and that your life is your creation.

As you change your personal response to the people and situations you have attracted to yourself, your journey through life improves.  It is very easy to measure your change because the people and situations pressing your buttons will suddenly appear to be acting differently, and your buttons won’t get pressed in the same way anymore. This is because the relationship dynamics in your life have been transformed.

Michael says

"We live in a world of science, technology and reason, wherein magic and spirit are denied. Some of us still know that not everything can be measured and rationalised, and if you are one of those people then welcome home. We are simply here to give you the opportunity to realise and actualise that you are so much more than you have been led to believe!

Cosmosis™ is a revolutionary tool for lasting personal and spiritual growth. It is not a miracle or a cure-all but rather a process of transmutation that alchemically allows you to clear your unwanted emotional baggage, limiting thinking, dysfunctional patterns, wounded or imbalanced states of being and to replace them with Love, self esteem, confidence, self assurance, compassion and wisdom . This allows you to progress towards embodying your highest potential as a human being, fully in Mastery of your energy, thoughts and emotions so that you no longer react to life like an automaton, but rather consciously respond to life with integrity. This enables you to be who you truly are - your authentic self and to consciously create your life, here and now with a singing heart. This process takes time, hard work and courage."

butterflyWorking within the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre Michael oversees the personal growth process of hundreds of people and he teaches from his own experience in the fields of alchemy, philosophy, metaphysics and ethics. more....

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